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Below is user information for Drea. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:borderlinegirl (797104)
Location:Tampa, Florida, United States
AOL IM:ScandalousEa (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:I'm a 21 year old pyschology major at the University of South FL. I have borderline personality disorder and an eating disorder. I tend to write about that stuff so if it bothers you, leave.
Interests:84: 21 questions, 2pac, 50 cent, 9-ball, ana, angelina jolie, bar fights, bars, big ones, binging, bipolar, boats, borderline personality, brendel pit bulls, bunk beds, chillin with my boys, dance, dealers, deja, diets, downloading music, drum and bass, eating disorders, expensive sunglasses, fast cars, friends with benefits, girls, herb, hip hop, horror flicks, hot tubs, hundred dollar bills, ice cream, indie films, italian food, jane, jay and silent bob, jazz, jet skiing, johnny depp, jungle, lake sports, literature, lunar eclipses, mac and cheese, meds, mia, movies, msi, nirvana, paranoia, parking, pasta, pearl jam, poetry, post traumatic stress, powder, psycho bitches, purging, raves, reggae, remembering *you*, road head, secrets, skateboarding, skimpy undies, skinny dipping, skipping class, slacking off, squirts, stateside collective, staying up all night, sublime, surfing, tanning, the beach, trance, utilizing the car, vanilla, vin diesel, wakeboarding, wakeskating, x-games, xanax
Friends:12: barf_til_urthin, bella_anorexia, bi_girls_rock, crushed_, ihaveanedover18, morbid29, prettylilshell, proana, pro_anamia, thinspiration, wewillbethin, yourestarvingme
Friend of:4: cruelintenti0n, kali82ana, prettylilshell, silent_calixte
Member of:8: barf_til_urthin, bella_anorexia, bi_girls_rock, ihaveanedover18, proana, pro_anamia, thinspiration, wewillbethin
Account type:Free User

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