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Below is information about the "[...Finger deep within the borderline...]" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:borderline (13682)
Name:[...Finger deep within the borderline...]
About:what is borderline ?

this is basically a community for
- borderliner
- everyone else who's feeling like he doesn't belong here and this world is totally f*cked up

founder: einsamesherz
Interests:46: alcohol, anger, anorexia, border line, border liner, borderline, borderliner, commit suicide, commiting suicide, confused, confusion, crazy, crying, cutting, darkness, death, depressed, depression, drugs, emo, emotion, emotions, fear, feel, feelings, hate, love, mad, mental illness, misunderstanding, misunderstood, pain, panic, panic attacks, pills, psyche, puberty, razor blades, razorblades, sad, sadness, scars, self-mutalation, suicide, thinking, useless
Members:105: 50zgrl4lyf, 6paper_doll6, alone_i_break, andrewpants, angered_fairy, beautiful_scarz, benjis_eyeliner, bpd, break, brokenxpromisex, cavale, cinnamonspiderx, condescend, countingtozero, couturemeplease, crucified, dancer420, dark_love, deadaliverose, deceased_angel, deprofundis, deranged, didi83, distantme, drugsmakemecool, dstksme2hvn, emilystrange, emo_kiddo, emptyvision, evanescentkarma, eviltoot, fraisy, freakiishh, funkyrunt, glitterpimpcess, goth_luminal, grlcalledkillx, heartsownshut, hiddentales, homicidalkitty, how_lame, iceandfire, insidesavior, itsonlylove, ivyscars, janetsbreeze, kaliblckg0ddess, kouji, laursquared, laxative_mia, level27girl, lilmissbehave, lil_blondie, littledark1, lovingmeforme, lustfull, mewmix22, midnitestar, mija, misskitty7, mymichelle, my_sundown, nebin, nick_cole, nixi, obsidiankittyn, oddgate, partofme, pink_vampyress, protector, punkedoutdyke, punk_as_fuck, purple_toilet, qelathynor, rawkmyworld, reverend_dewald, rockin_rola, rottenthing, sharpobject, silentconfessor, starascent, stellar_kc_josh, subliminalcries, suicidalfairy, suicidequeen, sullenspirited, superstitches, sweetlittlelie, sweet_cuts, the_hellcat, thrrnvwlsnths, trench_mouth, unfo0lish, victorias_sighs, wrekless, xgothicfaeriex, xlickthebloodx, xpadded_cellx, xpoetictragedy, xxxouttheeyes, x_cutie_babii_x, _agony_, _scars_, _tourniquet, _violet
Watched by:48: alone_i_break, antisocialme, benjis_eyeliner, bpd, chalkapple, condescend, couturemeplease, dancer420, deadaliverose, deprofundis, didi83, drugsmakemecool, einsamesherz, eviltoot, funkyrunt, glitterpimpcess, heartsownshut, iceandfire, insidesavior, itsonlylove, janetsbreeze, kaliblckg0ddess, kouji, laxative_mia, littledark1, lovingmeforme, mantra, mewmix22, midnitestar, misskitty7, mymichelle, nebin, nixi, oddgate, onetrickpony, pink_vampyress, qelathynor, rawkmyworld, rockin_rola, silentconfessor, starascent, stellar_kc_josh, sullenspirited, sweet_cuts, xgothicfaeriex, x_cutie_babii_x, _agony_, _scars_
Account type:Early Adopter

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