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User:booty_fied (192809)
Location:Wichita Falls, Texas, United States
AOL IM:attentionxseeker (Add Buddy, Send Message)

the girl

im sarah. Im 16 and from Texas. I dont like school much, but i do like the people there. My lil town in texas is boring, but what can i say? Im not movin anytime soon.. :\ AND... im worth EXACTLY $1,618,858.00 :)) (

the claimage:
I claimed
1.Nick Wheeler @ claimahottie
2.Hooch @ claim_a_word

the awards:

the friends

i ♥ my friends, and I ♥ my blurty girls/guys. jen is prolly my best friend. shes always there to help me out, even tho we fight. but when we make up, it rocks. we realize how different it is when we arent together. heather is one of my other good friends, weve never really fought, but im super-jealous of her, lol. shes so just...everythin lol. sonia ahh sonia, shes so smart n funny. shes always there for me to talk to about..ANYTHING, i can always relate to her. Then all my blurty girls :) heidi, party_angel_05, you rock!!! and i ♥ u. You are so nice and are so inspiring and everythin :) thankssss for all your help. all you other peopleI ♥♥ you toooo :D

the layout(s)

there has been so many that i cant remember them all, so heres the ones i do remember:D

v.13. stacie orrico (light green)
v.12. ashton kutcher (red)
v.11. Hilary Duff (pinks and purples)
v.10. My friends and I (blue)
v.9. Punk'd (red)
v.8. Colin Farrell (blue)
v.7.Colin Farrell (pink)
v.6. Britney Spears (blue)
v.5. Colin Farrell (green and black)
v.4. Colin Farrell (red)

theres a version somewhere down here after the colin's with Lucy Woodward, one with Nelly...VERY i think it was my first one. I also think i had a Justin and Xtina (Rolling Stone Photoshoot) Layout sometime, and then maybe just an Xtina one.. :\

Version 8 down are all guesses...i cant remember if i had anything else between all the colin farrells i dont think i did lol ahhh I <3 him :D

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