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Below is user information for Britney Spears. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:boombastic_brit (37423)
Name:Britney Spears
Website:What, you think I'm just another chick? [ disclaimer ]
Location:Los Angeles/New York, United States
Bio:Y'all already know who I am, Britney Jean Spears is the name. Call me Britney, Brit, Britty, Brit-Brit, or B.

There are now too many people around here to mention individually. I'm being lazy, I know. Deal with it. Instead, I'll just say "I <3 you all." and leave it at that.

[ How could the real Britney possibly have enough free time to maintain a journal of this sort, and why would she have a public one? In other words, I'm not really her nor am I affilated with her or her people in any way, shape, or form. Nothing written in this journal, except facts and/or quotes taken from news/magazine articles/interviews/etc.., is meant to be taken as any reflection on Britney Spears' actual life. ]
Memories:2 entries
Interests:56: 'nsync, all that, anson mount, anything, ashton kutcher, belly button rings, bryan spears, christina aguilera, clubbing, crossroads, felicia culotta, good charlotte, hats, innosense, jamie lynn spears, jamie spears, jc chasez, jenny morris, jive records, justin timberlake, kentwood, laura lynne covington, louisiana, lynne spears, mickey mouse club, mmc losers, movies, mtv, music, my family, my friends, n.e.r.d, new york, newsboy caps, nikki deloach, nyc, p. diddy, parties, performing, sandra covington, saturday night live, sex, shopping, singing, starbucks, talking, taryn manning, tattoos, the neptunes, touring, trl, wade robson, whipped cream, working, writing, zoe saldana
Friends:101: 50xcent, allisonxmack, a__hannigan, benji__gc, billy____boyd, brianlittrell, brutalhonesty, caitlyngranger, cameraguysteve, chadgilbert, colin_, comeau_, david_b, david_sp_, derek_zoolander, dontcallmeviggy, dr_ruth, emerbearz, e_p_dushku, faked_icons, fake_it, fake_itpolice, fake_it_admin, fake_it_news, fake_it_priest, fake_it_random, gates, hawaiian_angel, hiimelijah, james_lancebass, jc_chasexy_, jeffxstinco, jeremiah__, joel_, josh_hart, julioiglesiasjr, j___alba, kel___clarkson, kramer_clare, kristina_hawaii, krisxkreuk, kutcher_, lan_news, lavigneravril, leighanne_reena, lisha_cuthbertx, liv_tyler, longin, l_prepon_, marsters__, matt_lovato__, mest_tonylavato, michellebranch_, mike_striver, millerxman, miss_carlton, miss_jaimelynn, monaghan, moore_amanda, murphinator, nickwheeler, nik_mckibbin, ooc_as_nsync, pat_, phillipe_, pierre_is_pimp, rachelstevens_, rachelxaguilera, ricci_christina, richard_helton, ryan_starr_, sarahxgellarx, sebby_sp, sexy_kiki, shiri__appleby, smith_kim_smith, stevexnfg, tamyra_, taraxoxoreid, the_diddy, timbatimbalake, tonya_mitch3ll, t_wilson_, xkate_hudsonx, xnick_carterx, xtina__dirrty, xxreesexx, x_hayden_x, _gere, _jenn_hewitt_, _johnmayer, _kh_, _laceylee_evin, _missportman_, _orlando_, _parisxhilton, _tasharay_, _tysonritter, _welling_tom, __diaz, ___freddie___
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