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Below is information about the "Blurtyawards : AWARDS COMMUNITY" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:blurtyawards (11916)
Name:Blurtyawards : AWARDS COMMUNITY
Welcome To BlurtyAwards!

Welcome to BlurtyAwards! This community is runned by : smooches and barbie_babe, and was made on November 11, 2002 @ 7:52pm. BlurtyAwards was created for people on, to enjoy winning things for their attitude towars people, web design, and other things. We want you to have a great time at this community. So if you're into winning things, Join NOW!

The schedule for BlurtyAwards is simple::
Week #1 - Nominations
Week #2 - Nominations
Week #3 - Runner-Up from Weeks 1 and 2 polls go against eachother, each runner-up who wins in each category will be added to the Semi-Finals
Week #4 - Showdown for weeks 1, 2 and 3. Winners for the Month will be revealed!

:: Rules for BlurtyAwards
With every priveledge, comes a rule . The rules to BlurtyAwards are simple, all you have to do is follow them, and you'll save yourself from being banned from this community. Here are the rules for BlurtyAwards:
[1]. No harrassing other members or workers of BlurtyAwards. The first warning- a simple warning. If you do it again, I will ban you from this community. :p:p
[2]. Do not advertise anything other than your journal. In other words, you can advertise your personal journal to get someone to nominate you for something. You can not go and advertise a site, community, or any other place that will interfer with this community. :d:d

:: Rules for Nominating/Voting
[1]. You can only nominate one person, in one category. Do not nominate someone in all categories and think they all are going to count, cause they won't.
[2]. Nominations will be open from Monday thru Thursday. The voting polls will be up on Friday-Saturday.
[3]. When the voting booth is up, you can only vote one time. If you vote with multiple accounts, your vote will be disqualified and the person you voted for.

:: Description of how to win
I know that everyone is use to award communities that have polls up each week to have someone win, and then you only get that recognition for one week, which is pretty lame. We've updated our system to become even better. What will happen is:
[1]. Nominations will be held up normally, Mon-Thurs. Voting process will conceed the same too. Each week one person from each category will be added into the SEMI-FINALS.
[2]. The last week of each month, the Semi-Finalists that won from each week will be added into the Semi-Finals poll. This poll will be up for Monday thru Friday. The winner from each category will then be the winners of the month. Then the whole process continues on and on. More details will be included each time we have this new system. This table includes the people who've been added to the Semi-Finals list so you can know who to nominate on.
Month of: April 2003

Best Layout -
Best Icons -
Best Bio -
Best Attitude -
Best Theme -
Best Colors -
Best All Around -
Most Originality -
Best Community -
Best Journal of the Month -

:: Awards + Contact + Workers
There are currently no awards right out now, but they should be finished. You can contact me, the owner by
AIM: Fudge Cones, or email: The workers for BlurtyAwards are::
[@] Rach
[@] Jess
[@] :OPEN
Voting poll creator - starrynite
Community info updater - _precious
Secretary for Questions - _lipgl0ss
Link Creator - Open
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