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Below is information about the "Blurty Helpscreening Community" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:blurty_hs (10272)  
Name:Blurty Helpscreening Community
About:Welcome to the Blurty Helpscreening Community. This is a community for anyone interested in support, and is a place where people without supportprivs can get constructive criticism and feedback to help make their answers better. Please do not feel intimidated. This is community is for YOU, the support volunteer, to help improve and expand your support knowledge and abilities.

All support volunteers may post here. Support volunteers are encouraged to read support, as well as the Support Guide.

Please do not post simply to complain that you aren't getting support points or that you aren't getting approved. However, do feel free to post URLs to requests you tried to answer to get feedback on why your answer didn't get selected.

General discussions or anecdotes about suppport or any other social discussions should take place in the supportlounge.
Memories:2 entries
Interests:1: the support volunteer
Members:117: aaron_law, abfab, abortretryfail, alendaris, alsatia, anaideia, anchor, angel, anthony, arian, asciident, ayajulia, a_bomb, bertho, bleedingsoul, blu, bobert225, braindrain, brokenwish, countrygirl4ver, cutedevil614, dancingyel, demogorgon, draconid, dreamnstorm, drowningemo, drunkenruby, e, empressleona, empyreal, enflmdphnx, enslaved, erika, erin, escapeintosleep, esoteric_heart, fetiche, fire4ice, firebreather, furtive, f_it, gem, girl_friday, goomah, greentea, gwyn, hourglass, ianiceboy, igotcrack, ism, i_am_nobody, jeremiad, jesusmademe, johnbot, keithylishus, ketonia, khushee, killermuffin, kirylin, kitties_, kristan, kushiel, labratj, lady_ayana, lady_polarstar, lexass, lillyy, lilyfae, lindamarie, loudliberal, marie, maryluvzgreg, miaow, morrie, mpoetess, muffledscreams, neverwas, nyxie, orbzero, pinkr0cks, pne, poetictragedyx, prissi, psycogirl, pyrefly, rainflowermoon, rat, regress, rena_is_me, rockinthe607, rockmonster, saygoodbye, shawneegirl, sheep4859, skylardarke, sloopygirl21, sparklylipgloss, star_harlot, strealer, tempest, thecircularfile, theconfusedgirl, thefaded, thewildrose, thirdglasseye, tonality, tripoli, unbalanced, ustmej, vanillapsycho, wspnut, xavier, xtremesaints, xxkorn6freakxx, zorinaaislinn, _february_, _sacchi
Watched by:75: aaron_law, alendaris, amandaxo, anaideia, anjori, anthony, asciident, ayajulia, a_bomb, bertho, bleedingsoul, blu, braindrain, brokenwish, cutedevil614, draconid, empyreal, enslaved, ericandestiny, erin, escapeintosleep, fetiche, fire4ice, firebreather, furtive, gem, girl_friday, greentea, hourglass, ianiceboy, ism, i_am_nobody, jeremiad, johnbot, ketonia, kristan, kushiel, lady_ayana, lillyy, lindamarie, loudliberal, lusciouslioness, miaow, muffledscreams, neverwas, nyxie, orbzero, pixiekat, pne, prissi, pyrefly, rat, rena_is_me, saygoodbye, sheep4859, silverraven, spratt, star_harlot, strealer, tempest, thecircularfile, theconfusedgirl, thefaded, thewildrose, timwi, tonality, tryout, unbalanced, uncon, ustmej, whatsyourstory, wspnut, xavier, xtremesaints, _sacchi
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