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Below is user information for snotface. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:blurryvision (64704)
Location:Stratford, Connecticut, United States
AOL IM:xxbustyjustyxx (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:humpygurl (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:i smell. i like to hump. i love music. i play guitar very badly. i like movies. i like writing. i like singing. i wish i would grow. i'm too short. i try to be funny, so i act like an ass. i don't shower everyday. i give up easily. i get confused easily. everyone thinks i'm an idiot. but one day i'll prove them wrong. i have a dog who bites blind children. i like my computer when it's nice to me. i have a sewing machine and i want to play with it. i hate ignorance. i hate racism. i hate fake people. i hate hate. i try to love everyone. i sometimes get depressed for no reason. i don't have a boyfriend. i don't date. i like many guys tho. i also have a thing for hot moms. i like to talk with a hick accent. i like to fix my website. i love going to concerts. the webster owns me. i like babbling on about nothing. i think i'll stop now.
Peace Love Unity Respect
Interests:74: 311, a new found glory, amiee allen, better than ezra, billy idol, blaked, blink 182, bon jovi, brand new, britney spears, bush, common effect, common rider, count the stars, dave mathews band, david usher, empress ballroom, eve6, foo fighters, garbage, gavin rossdale, generation x, good charlotte, green day, greyfield, guns n roses, hidden in plain view, homegrown, humping, incubus, last kyd picked, lit, local bands, mandy moore, mest, metallica, moist, music, nina gordon, nirvana, oddfellas, old creed, our lady peace, outlet, pink floyd, rage against the machine, rancid, red hot chili peppers, saliva, savage garden, serial joe, silverchair, something corporate, sr-71, static-x, stone temple pilots, sublime, sugarcult, sum 41, the all american rejects, the bloodhound gang, the distillers, the donnas, the fairly oddparents, the juliana theory, the offspring, the pennyroyals, the smashing pumpkins, the tribe, the used, underground bands, veruca salt, webster theatre, your day strong
Friends:27: 311hive, brandnew, commoneffect, cutxmexloose, drivethru__, hipvrocks, kwikcheckgirl, lipstickrock, mest_up, music_whores, notreallyhere, on_the_outside, pinkcamouflage, russx, sarai, shardsofapril, shattrdxpieces, silverchair, split2ndchance, sugarcult, tempusvernum14, wishingxaway, xbrandnewrocksx, xcorruptedx, xokeebzox, xstylishx, youresolastyear
Friend of:6: cutxmexloose, industrywhore, wishingxaway, xcorruptedx, xokeebzox, xstylishx
Member of:8: 311hive, brandnew, commoneffect, hipvrocks, lipstickrock, mest_up, silverchair, sugarcult
Account type:Early Adopter

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