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Below is user information for Bluewyvern. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:bluewyvern (342428)
Website:Blue Wyvern Webpages
Bio:Sadly, the interest list below has a limit, which I've been at for some time -- when I get interested in something new, something old has to go. It's like when Homer Simpson took that wine-making course and forgot how to drive.

Neglected or abandoned interests include: discworld, england, and oscar wilde.

I am also finding it difficult to contend with Blogger's remarkably obtuse handling of profiles and interests, so I must rely on this Blurty page to fill in the gaps. If you managed to work your way through my improvised doorways and find this page from there, congratulations. I hope you find something to make it worthwhile.
Interests:150: academia, adventure games, ancient cultures, art, art nouveau, arthur rackham, atheism, autumn, bard, bbc, bbc radio, bill bryson, blackadder, blogs, blue, board games, books, britain, british comedy, cafés, castles, cathedrals, cats, cello music, cemeteries, champagne, cirque du soleil, classical music, coffee, cyan worlds, d'aulnoy, d'ni, dante, dark chocolate, dead like me, douglas adams, dr. katz, dragons, dreams, early music, eddie izzard, edward gorey, ekova, electronic music, epic poetry, experimental music, fairies, fairy tales, fantastic literature, fantasy, farscape, father ted, firefly, fog, folklore, forests, france, french, futurama, game soundtracks, gardens, gargoyles, gothic architecture, grammar, gregorian chant, harpsichord music, history, indian food, infocom, invader zim, jane yolen, king's quest, languages, liberalism, libraries, linguistics, literature, lo'jo, m. c. escher, margaret cho, mead, medieval art, medieval romances, middle ages, middle eastern music, minimalism, moby, monty python, museums, myst, mystery science theater 3000, mythology, neil gaiman, nick bantock, oboe music, old maps, ozy and millie, paris, philosophy, pilot, pomegranates, pre-raphaelite painting, quest for glory, rain, renaissance, rené magritte, republic of tea, riven, rp games, ruins, saturday night live, science fiction, secular humanism, sex, shakespeare, skepticism, sleep, spiral staircases, spock, stand-up comedy, star trek, surrealism, synaesthesia, tango music, tea, teatime, techno, terri windling, terry gilliam, terry pratchett, the cohen brothers, the internet, the onion, the simpsons, the x-files, translation, travel, twilight, ultima, uru, vivaldi, vulcans, waking life, walks, web design, wit, words, world music, world-building, writing
Friends:5: aikiri, dr_culligan, ladysusan, poshrockerboy, timedancer
Friend of:4: aikiri, dr_culligan, ladysusan, poshrockerboy
Account type:Free User

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