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Below is user information for What the Crap?. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:bluesonix (52546)
Name:What the Crap?
Location:Central, New York, United States
Bio:Hrm. I'm a girl, I like stuff. I like zombies, midgets and monkeys and sparkley things...

Flaming Banana Ferret says, "Stop, Drop, and Roll!"

Yes monkeys. Hurray for thumbs! Possums have opposable thumbs too. Possums are good. Please don't run them over...

Add me and I'll astound you with wonderous tales of my existance and my profound thoughts about belly button lint...

Well, what did you want me to say?
Interests:98: ab fab, action figures, animation, anime, asperger's, asperger's syndrome, autism, baldur's gate, being a jerk, being obnoxious, being tacky, breakbeat, brian transeau, bt, caffeine, candy, cartoons, catch-22, christopher lawrence, christopher nolan, clerks, clockwork orange, computers, css, cynicism, d.a.v.e. the drummer, david lynch, diablo, diablo ii, dj icey, drum and bass, ed rush, eraserhead, evil, fonts, forensics, french house, gaming, graphics, gta, hamtaro, harassing people, hello kitty, hooded sweatshirts, horror movies, house music, html, human traffic, icons, insulting people, jungle, killing neighbours, kosheen, lord of the rings, lost highway, mallrats, midgets, mike skinner, mocking people, monkeys, movies, music, naps, nerf herder, new order, new wave music, nofx, pessimism, photoshop, playstation, reading, resident evil, roland tb303, sarcasm, scaring children, setting fires, setting people on fire, shiny stuff, shrunken heads, simpsons, sleep, sleeping, sneakers, snowboarding, socks, soda, sophie ellis bextor, star wars, stephen king, the 80s, the cure, the streets, tim burton, tolkien, tony hawk 3, web design, writing, zombies
Friends:13: badboy84, brokenpromise, customization, footfoot, hello_kitty_fan, highverbalfan, kacey, lilmspopularity, lordoftherings, maikamariel, pointyhat_trick, prozacpoet, thedarkauror
Friend of:6: brokenpromise, footfoot, kacey, lilmspopularity, maikamariel, thedarkauror
Member of:1: hello_kitty_fan
Account type:Early Adopter

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