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User:blueflyer (29473)
Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
Bio:Name:Vanessa aka Bookworm
Age: 18
DOB: 11-26-85
Location: Orlado, Fl
Grade:freshamn at college
Sign: Sagittarius
Sibs: 1 sister(2 half ones),2 brothers (one half brother)
Status: Single (Not really looking yet)

About me:
Hey im Vanessa and im 18.
i lived in new york i. i moved to Orlando about a year ago.i love to write poetry and i adore reading (MAJOR HARRY POTTER FANNN!!!!!). and i love taking pics. People say im an awesome person so i guess i am. i'd like to think of myself as a 'cool-mature-but-down-for-whatever' girl. Umm... i LOVE music,(ALL TYPES)of music. Music is so diverse and each genere of music has its own edge and that's what I love about music. So i dont hold back and listen to only one type of music. (Basically i live-eat-breathe music...i dont want to be a singer though) Right now I am currently a freeashman at VCC. I cant wait to tranfer to either UCF or go back to NY. But i have no idea what i want to be. (MAJOR UNDECIDED) Umm...what eles? im single. i dont have a man. im all alone. but im not sure wether i want one know. but when the time is right i want it to be magical. i love Blue..its my favorite color in the entire world....but not any blue, OCEAN BLUE! i just love the ocean so ocean blue would have to be my fav color right? i just wished i lived near one. Well thats all i cant think about for now so..bye ::waves:: ps.. if u read my UJ leave me a comment eh! i wanna know what you think.

Interests:21: anne rice, books, christina aguilera, christoper rice, dancing, europe, france, gilmore girls, harry potter, italy, josh hartnett, justin timberlake, katy rose, lifehouse, movies, n.e.r.d, ocean, poems, smallville, spain, writing
Friends:17: anqelbaby, benjizluva, blackwood, britney_fans, hypergrlie2206, italianbebii, jlowannabetat, lushuzz, misscrystalx0, piinky_, regularjeweliet, simplycharming, stronqer, sweetielinz, tempt, vegasbarbie, xtc_skank
Friend of:9: anqelbaby, blackwood, bursting, cherrykissez_xo, jlowannabetat, lushuzz, mysticalpopstar, regularjeweliet, simplycharming
Member of:1: britney_fans
Account type:Early Adopter

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