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Below is user information for matt. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:blueelf (23324)
Website:rush of blood
Location:California, United States
AOL IM:MEXlCOMATT (Add Buddy, Send Message)
//name: matt
//nicks: mexico, mexicomatt,
//so cal
//writer (sometimes)
//artist (not really)
//the doctors once diagnosed me with GOK (god only knows).
//i taught myself how to play the guitar.
//soccer isnt a sport. its a life style.
//if you talk to me, chances are i wont like you. well i might.
//dont sell me your god and i wont sell you mine.
//im kinda crazy
//i have been in love
//i dont drink
//i dont do drugs
//school does not rule
//i hate teachers
//i hate dentist more than i do teachers
//math teachers are the worst kinda teacher
//my favorite tv show is the simpsons
//i like funny people
//my dream girl will be funny, smart, and have no fear of spiders
//my favorite bands include red hot chili peppers, radiohead, the smashing pumpkins, rem, rage against the machine, deftones, stp, queen, rancid and much much more.
//you should be punk, its cheaper
//ill take the cold any time over the heat, you can only take off so much in the heat.
//all we need is love. all i need is you (you know who you are)
//i am 6'4. i know i am tall. no need to tell me that.
//photographer (kinda)
//cartoonist (in math class)
//punk (all the time)
//musicly inclined
//shitty speller
//i confide in my friends and have many enemies
to be continued...
Memories:1 entry
Interests:145: action movies, alternative, anti-social, art, artistic, bands, baseball, basketball, being crazy, being in love, being loved, belle and sebastian, big trouble little china, bikes, blarf, blue, blues, bob marley, cal state fullerton, cali, california, cars, cartooning, cartoons, cereal, chating, chatn, cheese, chocolate, chocolate milk, circle jerks, college life, comedy, computers, concerts, cookie monster, crazy people, crazyness, csf, dancing in the rain, day dreaming, deftones, depeche mode, depression, dirty talking, drawing, drawing in class, dreams, elmo, fast cars, fire, fireworks, flying, food, friends, friendship, funness, games, girls, going out, goonies, guitars, happyness, having fun, internet, irc, israel, italian food, jewcrew, jewish, jewishness, jimi hendrix, judaism, laughing, lazyness, livejournal, lyrics, milk, mirc, motorcycles, movies, music, my dream girl, my friends, naked, nakedness, nakey time, nirvana, no school, not running, nothingness, ocd, original, ozma, peanutbutter, photography, playin guitar, playin music, poetry, pool, procrastinator, punk, punk chicks, pyro, pyro-technics, queen, radiohead, rage against the machine, rain, rancid, red hot chili peppers, rem, rock, rock and roll, rock stars, skeet shooting, skiing, sleep, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, snow, snow boarding, snowboard chicks, soccer, song writing, stars, stary nights, stone temple pilots, swan, swiming, swimming, system of a down, talking online, talking to crazy people, talking to friends, the beatles, the color blue, the feeling of flying, this journal, toast, underground, war movies, women, writing, writing poetry
Friends:50: 0verprotected, 1980, aussiekitty, barbaloot274, bcifuckingsaid, blackwidow, breathe_no_more, cannedllamas, cdawgxox, chikitty, courtney82, deadradio, eda062, eulogy, fearofdying, fugly, hellbound, hotpinktoenails, irishgirl990, israeli_girl, jewcrew, kissmyspork, kryx, lady_jasmine, londoncalling, luvlee, meganannette, mercuric, missmaryanne, moody, mxpx_princess, mythalyn582, never_promise, o_0, photoqt, punky_1987, purple_maly, scarredstar, sopranobaby84, speak, stephilicious, sxe_veg, toomuchnothingx, unwantedunloved, vampyrekitty666, vroomball, wineandlemons, xcrazixbewtiful, xjustifiedx, xxxriotgrrlxxx
Account type:Early Adopter

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