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User:bluebabe69 (117233)
Website:my pictures
AOL IM:oolisseroo (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Id like to give a big thanks to sarah69says for giving me this journal she did a great job on it!!!!!! THANKS GIRL


Title/DescriptionAbout Me

hey my blurtie girls and guys my name is Melissa and im 21 years old. I have blonde hair blue eyes in about 5'3 I love to meet new people so people add me to your friends list yay. I am a very very hyper person i love to chat online so if your ever on and wanna hit me up my screen name is oolisseroo.I am a good person and i give very good advice so if you ever have a problem yea im the person to come to ive been through it all true im only 21 but ive been through more than youll ever ever know :) okay well enuff about me.


Title/DescriptionBest friends + the beach + music+ My son Gavin + shoppin + Dancing + Hanging out + talking on the phone + my cell fone + flirting + LOLLIPOPS+ lipgloss + xtina + SLURPEES + kisses + hugs+ ae + delias + dan dan + clothes + the beach + making people laugh + laughing

I tend to be

flirty + cute + funny + fun + sweet + hilarious + sexy + wild + crazy + hyper + ditzy + stupid + preppy + a dork + laugh alot


Title/DescriptionMy friends are the best..I have all the best friends anyone could ever have. I have had most of these friends all my life but i have also just met alot of these friends recently in the last year.
hey goat lover nice to have a goat and not show pictures yeah we know his names skippy but put up some pictures of him thanks ttylTitle/DescriptionJenniyea true weve only known eachother for such a short time but i love you and well always be close i cant wait until spring break it will rock.
Title/DescriptionDano hey girl i love you goat lovers forever and your my stargazer and my dano forever i love you girl.....
Title/DescriptionDanUh yea we are friends by a freak accident i think lol because yea you threatened to kill me back in like i believe 10th or 11th lol but now we are liek the best of friends love ya baby boi hehehehe
Title/DescriptionChris aka KennyYou definitly are a true friend and im glad that i imed you that day, yea you listent o me bitch i listen to you bitch, im glad we are as tight as we are now it just is weird that like 3 or 4 months ago we didnt talk now we are like bestf riends, thanks for listening to me im always here if you need to talk and i know you said the same thing, ttyl
Title/DescriptionjOETitle/Descriptionjoeok first off im not a damned lezbian smelly melly and ur pimp daddy joe joe the park,the lanes,getting drunk,your jimmy is hot id ride it thanks so much for putting up with me your a great friend and im glad to have you as one....143 Title/DescriptionNiki aka Gertie WOW yea weve had some wild times, war what is it good for absolutly nothing,the loud burp in the pizza place,brendan pressing his boobs against the window,tom mooning the chinease guy getting us thrown out, the chinease place held hostage,me falling chasing after nick, the lady with the sprite can, to many mems to list BFFE sisters feva!*

Stalk Me

Hey if you ever need to get in touch with me - or just bored and want to talk well you can email me or im me at... Email ; IM ; oolisseroo

Other Stuff.

-My blurty gurlsHey to all my blurty girl Alisyn,Carly angelica 143 and everyone else I love you all so much you always make my day so much brighter when i read your Journals you all rock and we will always be blurty bitches</b


thanks chasidy love ya lots mwa

Thanks katie

Interests:16: bffe, cheery lollipops, cherry slurpees, clubbing, computer, dano, friends, getting drunk, goatlovers lol dano, hangingout, hoodies, kissing, ny, realworld, sex, skating.....................movies
Friends:43: babee_skittles, babicharmz, babyangelofgod, beachbrat, bluebereez, butterflykizzez, carefree, dramaditz85, dreamclouds05, eminemshoe, jennahassel, k8tie, kearebear, kendramichelle, kinkygal, kutekiesh, mandythemom, miss_nickz, pinkypopples, pink_glitter, purplecrayon1, rivet_head189, sexi_lil_carly, sexybitch3, sexyboy, sexygothkitten, simplysexy, skittlez27, starburstkaley, stardance16, sweatin_meh, sweetandsexy, sweetkendal, sweetness143, sweet_innocent3, taylormarie, trickyxtina, xjustxaxkidx, xkrazeykutiex, xtasty, xxjohnz13abixx, you_dont_knowme, _kissmedirty6
Account type:Early Adopter

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