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Below is user information for blu. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:blu (22445)
Bio: email -- [mysticblu86 (at) yahoo (dot) com]

userpics --

// read this FAQ for the rules before emailing me with your request.
// also read the rules in userpics before sending me a request.
// be specific. and i mean very specific.
// only simple animations.
// remember to include your username in your request. if you don't, i will NOT do your request. end of discussion.
// if you want a specific picture in your icon, either provide a reliable link (i may not always get to the request at once) OR add the image as an attachment (preferred).
// patience. i'm sorry, but sometimes, i can't get to the request right away.

my new "rule" (IMPORTANT):
// in the "subject" line of the email with your request, please include your Blurty username and "userpic request" (or something of the like); example: "userpic request for (username)"

// **NOTE: i will not have time to do any new requests. school is taking up a chunk of my time, and i barely have enough sleep as it is. i'm sorry, but i will be doing no requests until further notice.
(that does not apply to requests forwarded to me by any of the userpics members. i am still available to help finish off any requests that you won't be able to finish -- but i am not accepting direct requests [from the users themselves] as of the moment).


aside from that... moo.
Memories:1 entry
Friends:26: anthony, asciident, bertho, blurty_hs, braindrain, brokenwish, customization, c_hre, empyreal, erin, girl_friday, hourglass, howto, icyspikez, krelboyno, kristan, moodthemes, news, rat, razorbladelove, suggestions, support, supportlounge, userdoc, userpics, xtremesaints
Friend of:14: anthony, asciident, bertho, braindrain, empyreal, erin, girl_friday, helloself, hourglass, icyspikez, kristan, rat, razorbladelove, xtremesaints
Member of:10: blurty_hs, customization, moodthemes, suggestions, support, supportlounge, testcomm, top50, userdoc, userpics
Account type:Early Adopter

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