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Below is user information for COke BOi. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:blow_cher (903163)
Name:COke BOi
Bio:hey, im sam, some people call me caliqueena or coke boi, either way. i have a hot sexy bod because i run with my idol a/c (no kids, not the air conditioning unit. but a hottie thats 24 years old). so even tho i love kankles, bananapancakes and big calfs, my pet peeves are feet and john franklin (my best friend in the whole world , katherine franklin's brother, whos house i go over more then 2 times a week just to get a glimpse at her hott ass brother that i secretly have a crush on, but shhh!) i <3 being me and pole dancing pretending to be fags like micheal mann and farting just to see how people will react. oh yah, andd i used to live in alabama and would run into the cornfields with my mom and have sex with her every night when no one was looking... blurty friends always welcome

lol this was written by my biff katherine (flamingo_love) i swear im not that crazy
Interests:69: abercrombie, aeropostale, alternative, american eagle, b-ball, basketball, beach, broward county, buffalo bills, cameras, camp highlander, canes, culo, dade county, dammit man, desperate houswives, diet coke, dragostea din tei, dvds, florida, florida gators, florida marlins, food, football, friends, gators, girls, green day, growing up gotti, gym, hollister, hurricanes, hustler's withdrawl, i love the 90s, i wonder, ipod, jet, lacoste, ludacris, marlins, miami, miami hurricanes, mtv, napoleon, napoleon dynamite, ocean, parties, party, partying, pitbull, prep, preppy, r&b, rap, shrek, shrek 2, skiing, south florida, sports, st. louis rams, the darkness, the killers, toma, um, university of florida, university of miami, usher, vh1, working out
Friends:2: dateless_dork, flamingo_love
Friend of:1: flamingo_love
Account type:Free User

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