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Below is user information for mandie. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:bloodymascara (262168)
AOL IM:zu zu in combat (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:plaidpinupgirl (Add User, Send Message)
MSN Username:plaidpinupgirl
+black hair+
+black eyeliner+
+im a internet junkie+
+thunder storms+
+black lipstick+
+black nails+
-bleach blonde hair-
-ex boyfriends-
-bright lights-
-cocky people-
-little girls that think there princesses-
-the heat-
-my neighbors-

Favorite Things showers.long car rides with good mixed tapes.hands.slitting throats.

.the world works in mysterious ways.

Morty the Death's Head
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Interests:132: agent orange, all-american rejects, anti-flag, aus-rotten, bikini kill, blind society, blondie, bouncing souls, boy sets fire, briefs, brodie punk, catch 22, chixdiggit, choking victum, circle jerks, citizen fish, clash, clit 45, code seven, combat 84, crass, dance hall crashers, dashboard confessionals, disturbed, evils toy, front line assembly, funeral dress, gc5, global threat, godhead, juliana theory, kill your idols, killing joke, kittie, less then jake, lower class brats, manson, mc5, minor threat, minutemen, misfits, morbid angel, murderdolls, mustard plug, negative approach, new found glory, new york dolls, nine inch nails, oi polloi, okser, one man army, op ivy, operation ivy, orgy, oxymoron, pain, part time heros, pipedown, poison girls, poison the well, pretty girls make graves, project pitchfork, rocket from the crypt, samhain, screeching weasel, sector seven, self destruct, shai hulud, sham 69, skeptix, skinlab, skinny puppy, skoidats, slayer, sleater-kinney, smashing pumpkins, snapcase, striaght face, strung out, subhumans, switchblade symphony, taking back sunday, tears for fears, terrorizer, the addicts, the ataris, the carrs, the clash, the cure, the deftones, the distillers, the dwarves, the exploited, the eyeliners, the eyelinners, the germs, the mummies, the nobodys, the oi! scouts, the partisans, the pist, the pixies, the pogues, the poor boys, the queers, the riffs, the specials, the stooges, the suicide machines, the toasters, the unseen, the used, the vandals, the vines, the virus, the white stripes, the white strips, thought riot, threats, thursday, tiger army, tonic, toy dolls, toys that kill, tsunami bombs, uk subs, vice squad, voodoo glow skulls, wasted youth, x-ray spex, youth brigade, zounds
Friends:10: gothicphoenix, hihelloiloveyou, mindlesspoetry, pinkphreek, rebelliongirl, superstitches, ww3isme, xkittykatkandyx, xxpunksk8rchcxx, xxxnewrosexxx
Friend of:7: gothicphoenix, lickthesekiss, phantasmicspark, rebelliongirl, xemerald_firex, xkittykatkandyx, xxpunksk8rchcxx
Account type:Free User

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