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Below is information about the ":I cut myself to feel alive:" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:bloody_victims (512233)  
Name::I cut myself to feel alive:
Location:United States
Someone rip my heart out..leave me here to bleed
let me taste what I've done
Is it enough to bleed?
I wanna crawl into a ball and die
Eventually someone comes to save my life
I'd rather me left here to painfully bleed

The anti-drug: cutting myself

What is felt..
lost feelings
slitting yourself

Interests:130: 130: 12 stones, ac/dc, adema, american head charge, amphibious assault, amy lee, anthrax, anti-flag, audioslave, bi sexuals, biohazard, black sabbath, blood, bmx bikes, brody armstrong, candy, cannibal corpse, chains, cradle of filth, dark funeral, david draiman, death, death metal, def leppard, deftones, dimmu borgir, disturbed, dope, drowning pool, dry kill logic, dyed hair, etown concrete, fear factory, freaks, freaky goth dolls, garbage, godhead, godsmack, goth metal, goths, graveyards, guns n roses, gwar, half cocked, hammerfall, hard rock, hatework, heavy metal, hed pe, hot topic, iron maiden, jack off jill, jackyl, kidney thieves, killswitch engage, kiss, kittie, korn, kurt cobain, lacuna coil, less than jake, lightning, lit, local metal bands, machine head, mad at gravity, marilyn manson, media, meshuggah, metallica, mindless self indulgence, misfits, morbid angel, motorhead, muderdolls, mudvayne, mushroomhead, nin, nirvana, nofx, old school metal, opeth, otep, ozzy osbourne, pantera, pearl jam, piercings, pink floyd, poison, primus, prodigy, ra, rain, red hot chili peppers, rigimortis, rob zombie, saliva, savatage, screaming, seether, shadows fall, sharp objects, shirley manson, skateboarding, skinny puppy, slaves on dope, slayer, slipknot, snot, soil, soil work, soulfly, speed metal, spongebob squarepants, static-x, stone sour, superjoint ritual, system of a down, tattoos, testament, the distillers, thrash, thunder storms, tim armstrong, toilet boys, tool, trapt, velocity, wasp, whips
Members:34: acid_rayne, allonblack138, amantademoarte, bleedinggirl, bludisaster, brokenlikeglass, broken_hypocrit, broknhartd, bruised_kitten, chokeonthetruth, cof_devils_slut, crashxburn_69, faded_blackstar, gothicpsycho, gothic__vampire, grungexchicks, imitationchrist, jaynieshady, jezzika666, krissy0894, lilith79, livingdeaddollx, lostoneinenvy, mascara_tears, metaphor16, nixi, private_eye, punk_in_drublic, saving_myself, slipkittie_x, slumberofdeath, sobeautifulxdhx, stabbing_bitch, x_sadtear_x
Watched by:17: amantademoarte, blakkheartt, bleedinggirl, chokeonthetruth, cof_devils_slut, crashxburn_69, forgettable_me, gothicpsycho, grungexchicks, lostoneinenvy, metaphor16, nixi, private_eye, saving_myself, slipkittie_x, sobeautifulxdhx, stabbing_bitch
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