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Below is user information for you can't hear the screams.. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:bloody_murder (840498)
Name:you can't hear the screams.
Location:hell, United States
AOL IM:but now its over (Add Buddy, Send Message)

the mirror crashed on the dresser
and she began to scream,
"bloody murderer! let me rest in peace!"
"when I was yours, you fled the scene,
now you can't wash your hands of me."

Interests:124: a call to arms, a knight's tale, a static lullaby, acceptance_parallels_suicide, aim, alkaline trio, amy winfrey, angel ocana, autobiography of a nation, avoidant, avoiding confrontation, being myself, big bunny, black nail polish, blood, boys in eyeliner, bright eyes, cds, chaos called creation, charmed thirds, checkered stuff, chris novoselic, conor oberst, crocodile lies, democratic beliefs, deutsch, disbelief, dogma, everything ends, eyeliner, family guy, fight club, fishnets, french fries, full collapse, game master, game of hearts, gamemaster, geoff rickly, german, gesichter, get fuzzy, godsmack, gong show, goran visnjic, greatestjournal, grunge, guys with facey hair, guys' cologne, hal sparks, hate, having journals, heath ledger, hell for you, here to stay, higher plane, him, his infernal majesty, i love the 80s, i love the 90s, i'm not sorry, insanity, insomnia, iowa, jack skellington, jason lee, jason mewes, jay and silent bob, jessica darling, john lennon, johnny depp, johnny whitworth, jon davis, jonny santos, judd nelson, kenny mccormick, kevin smith, korn, krispy kreme, krist, kurdt, kurt cobain, kurt cobain's journals, lewis hunt, listening to music, love is a gun, making fiends, making t-shirts, mallrats, manson, marcus flutie, marred kiss, me yes me, megan mccafferty, mike jackiewicz, mindfuck, muffinfilms, muffins, nine inch nails, nirvana, oragami mouths, ordinary people, origami mouth, pinevile low, pineville high, rammstein, reading, ryan frehulfer, second helpings, slipknot, sloppy firsts, south park, strange aeons, tea, the beatles, the bell jar, the breakfast club, the da vinci code, the war song, theperksofbeingawallflower, thursday, trent reznor, writing, you yes you
Friends:1: notsodarling
Friend of:1: aloneintherain
Member of:1: notsodarling
Account type:Free User

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