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Below is information about the "Bloodied Apron" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:bloodied_apron (84844)
Name:Bloodied Apron
Website:Official Alice Site
About:I have taken this site as the new leader. I am 'diabolicaldice'.
In this community, we all can talk about Alice in any form. Most likely, this community is leaning toward American McGee's Alice. I will post an entry about the Alice movie, based on the computer game.
As for you new comers, I've written a poem just for this. :-P

I am the Diabolical Dice. I am Mr. Self Destruct.
I am your deepest dream treasured by stones and ice.

I am a secret treasure and done by Alice's toys,
You will eventually, just as I will rant a final voice.

We've all heard the piercing scream behind the tick of clockwork,
just like the Mad Hatter who was ever so cleaver.
He was a great host for the tea party,
but winter does not last forever.

So as the leader of the Bloodied Apron Community,
despite the asylum immunity.
And with our icewands that form stones of ice,
we'll help Alice go to war- fighting for her sanity.

But only when you’re alive, will you learn your lessons.
You’re not dead yet-
so join,
have fun,
and enjoy your meta essence.
Interests:16: alice, alice in wonderland, alice liddell, alice movie, american mcgee, american mcgee's alice, bloody aprons, bloody knives, checkerboards, cheshire cat, chris vrenna, dark wonderland, ea games, lewis carroll, mad hatter, through the looking glass
Members:35: aliceanonymous, aliceblack, awry88, blood_berry, bluestatic, cutepsycho, deadvenusblue, defarge, devilduckie, diabolicaldice, diamondtook, eternalsleep, flyinpiggy18, girl_kicker, glittery_star, innocentbec, jabberwockee, meth_wonderland, myrlynk, nemuiyuki, omgsaddam, paulsgirl, rockdaisy, schizoidetached, spookymiramax, steal_this_mind, strawberrygirl, t0xic_s0ck, thedoormouse, tropophobia, whimzical, wickedtorment, willowtree, x_slit_x, _queenofhearts_
Watched by:21: aliceanonymous, bluestatic, cutepsycho, diabolicaldice, diamondtook, freakishnightmr, girl_kicker, glittery_star, greenangel, innocentbec, jabberwockee, nemuiyuki, paulsgirl, razed_n_black, spookymiramax, strawberrygirl, t0xic_s0ck, whimzical, wickedtorment, willowtree, x_slit_x
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