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Below is user information for Klarhyssa. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:blood_fae9 (810754)  
Location:Vermont, United States
Interests:141: a.n. roquelaure, absurdism, angelina jolie, anime, anita blake, arcana, art, astrology, battle royale, beauty, bisexuality, bishonen, black, blindfolds, blood, bondage, books, boris vallejo, boymeetsboy, caffeine, candles, candy, cat-girls, cats, chains, cheese, chocolate, coffee, death, despression, destruction, dragons, drawing, dreams, dusk, elizabeth bathory, elves, eyes, fairie, fanfiction, fangs, fantasy, fire, geekiness, girls who say aboot, glamour lust, glitter, goddesses, gods, gothic, gravitation, handcuffs, harems, invader zim, jthm, kissing, knives, laurell k. hamilton, legolas, lesbian, lord byron, love, lupinars, lust, magick, malice mizer, manga, manias, men, moon, morning musume, mssm, music, mwahahaing, mythology, myths, naked women, necklaces, night, nine inch nails, ninjas, nosferatu, pagan, pain, pansexuality, philosophy, physics, pirates, pixies, poetry, poets, psychology, puns, queer, rain, reading, red, red ink, red wine, roses, rpgs, sado-masochism, sarcasm, sedatives, severus snape, sexuality, shiny things, shoes, shounen ai, si, silk, silver, slash, smoke, smut, snape, strawberries, stuff, succubi, sugar, suicide girls, superfluousness, surrealism, talking, tattoos, the word "├╝ber", tim burton, trance, twilight, vampires, vast, verbosity, voltaire, web comics, werewolves, wolves, women, writing, yaoi, you., yuri
Friends:3: anitablakeluvrs, asahar_yev, danse_macabre
Friend of:1: asahar_yev
Member of:2: anitablakeluvrs, danse_macabre
Account type:Free User

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