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User:blingin (123252)
Name:* T a r a *
Location:Florida, United States

MiSS TARA : My name is Taralynn but people call me Tara. Lauren had just recently started calling me TaTa (pronunciation: Tay-Tay). I'm 13 and my birthday is in July making me a Cancer (the crab). I've lived in Florida my whole life but I want to live in Atlanta when I get older. It's got big city life and pretty scenery all in one =). I don't like labels, but if people looked at me they might say I'm a prep? I dunno? I get mad at the stupidest little things like loosing a pen ;D. But, when it comes to big stuff I really don't get angry easily. Weird, huh? I do care if people like me, but if they don't I guess there's not much I can do about it.

SHE LOVES : The thing I love most in life is laughing, and people who can make me laugh. I love singing(but nobody really knows that), music, movies, computers, animals, food, shopping, good hair days, blue eyes, going to the beach, glittery things, finding things I lost forever ago! Lol. Proving people wrong, days off of school, weddings, TV, family, friends, and tigers! Oh, and Hayden Christensen ;D!

SHE HATES : I hate being sick, crumbs (they're so messy!), cockroaches, mean teachers, history, loosing pens ;D, when my computer decides not to work, when i forget what i'm going to say, when people are late, doing a problem on the math homework I was supposed to skip(lol), people who are racist, rapists, abusers, vegetables, bugs, spelling things (I'm a horrible speller), scary movies, sore throats, stomach aches, people who lie, being cold, being hot, too much homework, going back to school after a break.

HER LOOKS : I'm not going to lie and say I don't know how I would describe how I look, I know I'm pretty, but I'm not concieted about it. I have brown hair a little past my shoulders, I'm about 5'5". I have green eyes (blah, boring), I wear glasses sometimes, but I don't look like a geek. I have my nails done, I'm thin, but not gross looking thin. I have long eyelashes. Lol. I'm a typical teenager and think I look a lot better in make-up, so I wear it most everywhere I go. My closet is mostly filled with 579, Aero, Charlotte Russe, Bealls, Penny's and some Wet Seal.

HER FRiENDS : I love all my friends! They mean everything to me! But my best, best friends are probably Lauren and Ashley. I have known them the longest out of all my friends. Lauren since 4th grade and Ash since 5th. They aren't overdramatic like some of my other friends and don't get mad that easily. Lauren and me have known each other for about 4 years. We've sort of grown up together and changed with each other, so we're a lot alike, and she's hilarious! I don't consider myself a funny person, but Ashley laughs at things I say, so that makes me feel good. Some of my other best friends are Kelsey and Kenzi. Love all you guys!

HER LOVE LiFE : I've had 5 boyfriends. 3 of those have cheated on me. Lol. But I don't care, I kinda makes me laugh cause that's very immature. First one, Mitchell, 4th grade, broke up with me because he liked someone else I think. Ben, 6th grade, I have no idea why he broke up with me. Lol. But we're still really good friends. Robby, 6th and 7th, cheated on me but I gave him another chance. Then I broke up with him just cause I wanted to, we're still really good friends. Chad 7th, I broke up with because I wanted to. Chris, 8th, he broke up with me cause he felt bad about cheating on me! Lol. That cracks me up. We are still friends. Chad again, 8th, cheated on m'e, still friends though. Lol. Right now I don't have a boyfriend. There is this one guy i sorta, kinda, maybe like, but i don't like admitting it because then i'll get my hopes up, and comsidering my luck w/ guys it might not work Ok, so... I'm in love with Hayden Christensen, Ashton Kutcher, Ja Rule and Will Smith! Ja and Will are both married and have kids though. Darn. Hehe.

HER MUSiC : I like all kinds of music. Rap, r&b, pop, rock, country, oldies, 80's, whatever. If it's a good song then I'll like it, it doesn't matter what category it falls into. My favorite songs right now are probably Mesmerize by Ja Rule and Ashanti, Paradise by LL Cool J, and Fall Into Me by Emerson Drive. When I'm mad or upset I listen to music, because when I listen to music I sing, and when you sing there is like no way you can be mad anymore. It just cheers me up.

HER MOViES : I like all movies except scary ones. Comedies are my favorite, then action, then romance, then drama. I love Harry Potter and Star Wars, yeah yeah, call me a geek if you want. Scooby-Doo, of course, oh and I love Disney movies! Aladdin, Lion King, and Beauty and the Beast are my favorite. Lol. Hmm...let me think, what are some more of my favorite movies? Just married, Dude Where's My Car? the Austin Powers movies and Life as a House!

STALK HER : Aim- Sparkly1054

Interests:7: clothes, friends, guys, hayden christensen! hehe!, make-up, movies, music
Friends:7: 2cute4u, ad0rable_lo, kelsalicious, sparkling, spngeb0b, tynnie, _xlost_in_youx_
Account type:Early Adopter

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