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User:blackmetal666 (614496)
Website:The Online Abode Of Meex And Paul
Location:Prestwick, Scotland
Bio:I'm 16 years old. I'm pretty tall (6ft), I have short/medium length brown hair. I've got green/blue eyes and I have an average build. I usually go and and do stuff to kill my boredom. Like.. uh go to the beach and freeze my ass off or something... but if it involves drinking, and it always does, then I'm more than happy to go :D. I've got quite a few interests. I love rock music, especially black/death metal, I like so many bands, but I can't be fucked naming over 100. I am a singer for a band called Random Insanity, and we're in progression with upcoming gigs. I enjoy meeting up with my good friends, and I like catching up with them and stuff. I'm also partial to getting slightly drunk, or stoned, (or both), at the weekends. I usually go to the Space Place whenever a band night is on... I mean, they can get a bit boring, and there's a lot of shitty punk/ska bands that play there - but it's good to meet up with lots of your mates. Personality wise, I'm outgoing, I like to think of myself as modest :P, and I'm not afraid to open up and let my feelings known. You'll know if I don't like you. I also go to Karate, and I'm a brown belt. (That's one belt away from black, if that means nothing to you.)
Interests:150: adrenaline, alcohol, american head charge, anger, anorexia nervosa, arch enemy, aria giovanni, around the fur, at the gates, band night, barrowlands, beer, biffy clyro, black clothes, black metal, boards of canada, bondage, brian welch, broken sword, bruce lee, cathouse, cds, celtic fc, che guevara, chi cheng, children of bodom, chimaira, chino mareno, chips, coal chamber, comedies, computers, concerts, corey taylor, cradle of filth, curry, cypress hill, dani filth, dark army, dark romance, david silveria, death metal, deftones, devildriver, dez, dimmu borgir, donnie darko, dvds, emperor, entombed, fear factory, fetishes, films, food, football, freedom fighters, friends, getting drunk, getting stoned, gigs, going out, goths, guitars, hash, hatebreed, heavy metal, horror, horror films, ice cream, icons, in flames, insanity, irn bru, iron maiden, jack daniels, james hetfield, james shaffer, jimi hendrix, jimmy page, jonathan davis, karate, kazaa, kirk hammett, kittie, korn, kurt cobain, lacuna coil, lamb of god, lars ulrich, latinas, led zeppelin, love, lust, machine head, mahatma ghandi, majora, marilyn manson, martial arts, martin luther king, matt bellamy, meegs, metal, metallica, michael moore, morgan lander, mp3s, muse, mushroomhead, my band, nadja peulen, nin, nirvana, otep, pantera, passion, pizza, playstation 2, poetry, pvc, rage against the machine, random insanity, red dwarf, robb flynn, robert plant, rock, sentenced, sex, singing, skunk anansie, slipknot, smirnoff, socialists, soft drugs, song writing, soulfly, space place, spain, spikey things, system of a down, talena atfield, teenage girls, the jimi hendrix experience, the matrix, tool, trenchcoats, tv, vodka, white pony, women, zack de la rocha
Friends:6: caithoven, death0161, jambothefish, meex, united_by_fate, xcuteness55x
Friend of:4: death0161, jambothefish, meex, united_by_fate
Account type:Free User

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