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Below is user information for king nothing. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:black_diiamond (182115)
Name:king nothing
Interests:104: 80s hair bands, a walk to remember, aim, anime, aol, art, big red gum, black clothing, black eyeliner, blood, books, boots, camping, candlebox, candy, care bears, cinderella, cliff burton, concerts, disney movies, drawing, elephants, everything black, family, fozzy, friends, germany, glam rock, glitter, good music, guitars, hair dye, halloween, hearts, hello kitty, hoodies, hot topic, hugs, iced earth, jason newsted, journals, kiss, kisses, kitties, lillian axe, lip gloss, local bands, love, love spell, metallica, mick mars, money, motley crue, night time, nikki sixx, nintendo, online journals, oz, painting, photography, pictures, piercings, pink, platform sneakers, playing bass guitar, playstation, poems, poison, portable cd players, quizes, rain, rainbows, robert, sega, sensitivity, sexuality, shopping, sister hazel, six feet under, skittles, skulls, sleep, snoopy, snoopy movies, snow days, soilwork, stars, stickers, study halls, stuffed animals, summer, tattoos, the letter x, the peanuts, the sopranos, the sound of music, the thunder cats, tommy lee, toys, trading spaces, valentines day, vanilla, vince neil, writing
Friends:6: checker_stars, glittery_heart, only_cuter_cut, pooloffears, specialk7289, _stellar
Friend of:2: only_cuter_cut, pooloffears
Account type:Early Adopter

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