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Below is information about the "BJCLAIMS -- A CLAIM COMMUNITY" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:bjclaims (54640)  

[ WELCOME ] ···
Welcome to the Grand Opening of BJClaims!. This community was founded by smooches, who previously owns blurtyawards, too. BJClaims is for people who never got the chance to claim their favorite show/thing/place ecedra. If you're one of those people, join us today! Claim something today!

[ RULES ] ···
With every set of things, comes a rule. And You have to follow these, once in a while to be a healthy member. Take note that we do ban people from this community if you harrass. It's a zero-tolerance. The rules for this community are ··
#1: Like all claiming communities, the first 20 members get to claim three things. After that, you may only claim two things.
#2: Harrassment in this community will get you banned from posting in this community. So think straight before you act.
#3: You have to be a member to claim things, and you have to post in the community on what you've claimed.
#4: You can share a claim with somebody else, unless they give you permission. Don't try to force someone to share a claim, that's harrassment, and will prevent you from even claiming anything.
#5: Claim something on an active account. If you claim with an inactive one, your claim will not count, & could possibly be given to another person.
#6: You can use banners/images/etc to represent what you've claimed. But don't lie about what you've claimed. It'll make you look, desperate.
#7: Be generous! And have a fun time claiming. The rules will grow the longer the community is up, these are just the basics.

[ CLAIM LIST ] ···
50 Cent - Claimed by: ___ch0ked
BJ users
bmogroupie - Claimed by: ashre
bondageseraph - Claimed by: marionette
conflicts - Claimed by: mix
fondle - Claimed by: glamorous
marionette - Claimed by: bondageseraph
mix - Claimed by: conflicts
pimptress - Claimed by: italianbebii
wish - Claimed by: kissable
wishonastar - Claimed by: kissable
A:Aeropostale clothing - Claimed by: proper
Abercrombie & Fitch - Claimed by: osiris
Acid (a drug) - Claimed by: kurt_cobain
"Addicted" by Simple Plan - Claimed by: menina
American Eagle clothing - Claimed by: _precious
Anthony (B/F) - Claimed by: body_shots
Ashley Angel from O-Town - Claimed by: glamorous
B: Brad Pitt - Claimed by: vanilla
Benji Madden - Claimed by: vidette
Bracelets - Claimed by: dickies
Brandon Boyd - Claimed by: _precious
C: Charmed - Claimed by: doubtless
Chelsea - Claimed by: aussiestar
Christina Aguilera - Claimed by: tease
Cinnamon - Claimed by: hawaii
Chuck Taylors brand shoes - Claimed by: dickies
Colin Farrell - Claimed by: ashre
D:Duran Duran - Claimed by: bondageseraph
E:Eeyore - Claimed by: gorgeous
Elijah Wood - Claimed by: lick_me_here
Eminem - Claimed by: beauteous
Everybody's Socks - Claimed by: fraisy
F: Friends - Claimed by: vanilla
From Autumn to Ashes - Claimed by: osiris

G: Ginuwine - Claimed by: pimptress
H: Harry Potter - Claimed by: conflicts
"Hellsing" the animaga - Claimed by: monoxide_child
Hunter (B/F) - Claimed by: vidette
J: Ja Rule - Claimed by: limited
Jennifer Lopez - Claimed by: tempt
Jeremy - Claimed by: hawaii
Jimmy Fallon - Claimed by: hiccup
Joel Madden - Claimed by: body_shots
John Mayer - Claimed by: hiccup
K: Kris Roe - Claimed by: staringup
Kurt Cobain - Claimed by: kurt_cobain
L: Lee (b/f) - Claimed by: brokenprincess
Lizzy McGuire - Claimed by: doubtless
Lord of The Rings - Claimed by: lick_me_here
M: Mark McGrath - Claimed by: fraisy
Mashi Maro - Claimed by: mix

MTV - Claimed by: doubtless
Motley Crue - Claimed by: naoko
N: New Found Glory - Claimed by: enamor
O: Orlando Bloom - Claimed by: lick_me_here
Ozzfest - Claimed by: brokenprincess
R: Reese Witherspoon - Claimed by: vanilla
S: Safety Pins - Claimed by: toesocks
Saturday Night Live - Claimed by: _robotic
"Say Anything" By Good Charlotte - Claimed by: aussiestar
Simple Plan - Claimed by: menina
Snoopy - Claimed by: hawaii
Stitch - Claimed by: enamor
T: Tigger - Claimed by: conflicts
Twixtid - Claimed by: monoxide_child
Tyson Ritter - Claimed by: ___ch0ked
V: Vincent Valentine - Claimed by: naoko
W: Wendys Restaurant - Claimed by: mix
Winnie the Pooh - Claimed by: _precious

X: Xenogears - Claimed by: naoko

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