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User:bisexuals (47305)

})i({ - - - - - - - Such a sweet catastrophe:

Name: Danielle
Nicknames: Dani, Daner, Danielleigh, Danielletta, Daniella, Dai-Dai, etc.
Screen names: POWER TRlPS and stalling promise
Birthday: October 19th, 1987
Sign: Libra
Location: Cedar Hill, Missouri
School: Northwest High
Status: Chris 10902 i love you so much <3
Natural hair color: blondish brown
Current hair color: ''
Eye color: blue
Height: 5'0''
Birthplace: St.Louis, Missouri
Shoe size: 6

[ family ]
Parents: mommy:Teresa step-dad: Bobby
Siblings: Zach-12 Mike-18 Missy-21
Live with: mom and step dad and brother

[favorites ]
Number: 21
Color: pink
Day: Saturday
Month: October
Song: Brand New - No Seatbelt Song
Movie: Donnie Darko, Orange County, SLC Punk etc.
Food: chicken strips
Band: The Early November, Thrice, Glassjaw, Dashboard Confessional, Autumn To Ashes, SPICE GIRLS according to Chris! :P
Season: summer
Sport: basketball
Teacher: Mr.Campbell. He says damn and hell a lot
Drink: moutain dew ; tea
Veggie: spinach
TV Show: That 70's Show, Friends, Viva la Bam, The O.C.
Radio Station: 105.7 the point or 93X
Store: walmart, pac sun, hot topic
Word: shizzle, mo'feffer, faggot, bloody on
Animal: penguins!
Flower: rose i guess
State: Florida

[ fashion ]
Do you wear a watch?: no
How many coats and jackets do you own?: one hoodie, 2 coats, and a jacket
Favorite pants/skirt color?: blue jeans
Most treasured?: my GlassjAw shirt
What kind of shoes do you wear?: black and white adidas with pink star shoe laces and pink chucks that have a tinker bell sticker on one foot and a heart with an arrow going through it on the other.

})i({ - - - - - - - What makes my world go 'round:

311 ; AFI ; AlexIsOnFire ; Alien Ant Farm ; Alkaline Trio ; Allister ; A Perfect Circle ; AntiFlag ; As I Lay Dying ; A Static Lullaby<3 ; A StoryBook Ending ; Atreyu ; Avenged Sevenfold ; Bad Religion ; Bleeding Through ; Billy Talent ; Blindside ; Blink 182 ; Bouncing Souls ; Boy Sets Fire ; Brand New<3 ; Cky ; Descendents ; Dropkick Murphys ; Fenix TX ; Finch ; From Autumn to Ashes<3 ; From First To Last ; Further Seems Forever ; Give Up The Ghost ; Glasseater ; Glassjaw<3 ; Goldfinger ; Greenday ; Hoobastank ; Hopesfall ; H2O ; Incubus ; Jimmy Eat World ; Korn ; Less Than Jake ; Linkin Park ; Matchbook Romance ; Misfits ; Mxpx ; Nirvana ; Nofx ; Nobody Wins ; Operation Ivy ; Pennywise ; Plain White T's ; Punchline ; Rancid ; Riddlin' Kids ; Rufio ; Saves the Day ; Something Corporate ; Story Of The Year ; Sublime ; Taking Back Sunday<3 ; The All-American Rejects ; The Ataris ; The Clash ; The Distillers ; The Donnas ; The Early November<3 ; The Eyeliners ; The Juliana Theory ; The Ramones ; The Starting Line ; The Used ; Thrice<3 ; Thursday<3 ; Tool ; Senses Fail ; Under Oath ; Unwritten Law ; Until The End ; Weezer ; Yellowcard ; Yesterday's Rising ; Etc.
Interests:8: 10.9.02, chris, chris and dani, chris loves dani, dani and chris, dani loves chris, i love spice girls, we're unstoppable
Friends:45: 11232002, 7272, attune, baby_, bg_whore, boombastic, br0kenheartedd, britified, brunettes, cambria, darc, difficult, dontsaygoodnite, emolyrics, endless_dreams, funeral, gangs, glassjaw, honeypie, jetblacknewyear, naoko, nerd_, nummiful, pshh, punkishly, pwned, rock_icons, seductive_ways, sexible, sh4dows, snooks, sobbing, stuff, sweetxlindsey, sweetzephyr, thug_lyphe, trevor, urges, using, w4nksta, walking_orgasm, wanting, yanno, _faintly, _glitterized
Friend of:40: 11232002, 7272, attune, baby_, boombastic, br0kenheartedd, britified, brunettes, cambria, darc, difficult, dontsaygoodnite, endless_dreams, funeral, gangs, harsh, naoko, nerd_, nummiful, pacifiers, piercednprfct, pshh, punkishly, pwned, seductive_ways, sexible, sh4dows, snooks, stuff, sweetxlindsey, sweetzephyr, thug_lyphe, trevor, using, w4nksta, walking_orgasm, wanting, yanno, _faintly, _glitterized
Member of:5: bg_whore, emolyrics, glassjaw, jetblacknewyear, rock_icons
Account type:Early Adopter

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