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User:bilbobaggins (134782)  
Bio:Smelting: It's melting, with an S!
Interests:149: ambition, american revolution, anarchy, aragorn, aristocracy, arrogance, beauty, bitch, bitterness, black, black eyeliner, black lace, black magic, blaise zabini, blondes, blood, bloodsport, bondage, books, boots, cake, cats, champagne, chocolate, chokers, christian coulson, cigarettes, corruption, corsets, cruelty, cunning, cynicism, dark magic, darkness, death, death eaters, decadence, desire, diamonds, dischord, draco malfoy, drawing, elegance, elitism, elves, eowyn, femslash, french, galadriel, glamour, hate, insanity, jane austen, julie benz, knifeplay, knives, knowledge, lace, lady macbeth, latin, leechcraft, legs, lies, lord of the rings, lucifer, lucius malfoy, lucius/narcissa, lust, macbeth, machiavelli, madness, magic, makeup, malfoysex, manipulation, marquis de sade, masochism, miranda otto, monty python, mrs. lestrange, murder, myself, mythology, narcissa malfoy, needlepoint, night, old money, pain, pansy parkinson, paris, parselmouth, passion, patrician, pearls, perfume, pink champagne, plaits, pleasure, politics, potions, power, pride and prejudice, pure blood, quenya, rain, rasputina, ravenclaw, razorblades, reading, red lipstick, red roses, riddlesex, roses, sadism, sarcasm, scandal, scars, scones, seduction, sensuality, serpents, severus snape, sex, shakespeare, shoes, silk, silver, sin, slytherclaw, slytherin, smoking, strawberries, tatu, tea, terry boot, tom riddle, tom/ginny, torture, vampires, velvet, victorian era, villains, violins, vodka, voldemort, wickedness, wit, words, writing
Friends:1: hp_rpg_ads
Account type:Early Adopter

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