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Below is user information for Subliminal Messages. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:bettiesfemforce (742605)
Name:Subliminal Messages
Location:Fort Worth, Texas, United States
AOL IM:Ashatem (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:I was born among apes, and upon seeing my father's face, I began to wish the invisible hand of Metropolis' Big Brother would strike him down. The following years involved shedding my full body ape suit and transforming into the daughter my mother wasn't sure what to do with. The years became days, the days became minutes, the minutes became seconds. Soon the dancing elephants traveled through the town, shedding light on The Joys of working for The Circus. They said that the chains and whips were fun at first, but got less titillating, as every dominatrix knows. The Ring Leaders of the Circus..aka, criminals on parole, trying to make a living by "whipping these unintelligent, worthless piece of shit animals into shape to entertain the oblivious masses" became too much for the belly dancing elephants and they began to protest vehemently. I have to accredit them with my now liberal views on Animal Exploitation, but because fighting in such ways that PeTA is sometimes known to is a form of assbackward logic, and displays the same behavior that they CLAIM they are trying to end, I like to use the dicto simpliciter form of logic and say "man is what he eats" and "karma will bite you in the ass." Thank you
Interests:75: a brave new world, a wrinkle in time, add, animal activism, art, bed wetting, beetle juice, belly dancing, bettie page, big brother, bob dobbs, boston terriers, broccoli, buddhism, burgundy, cartoons, cell phone massacres, citizen fish, compassion, constitutional amendments, copper, downfalls of genetic engineering, drawing, elephants, english mastiffs, enlightenment, esp, ethics, existentialism, ganesa, george orwell, graphite, hinduism, his holiness, immanuel kant, impeachment, john sartre, kabbalah, kehnpo, meditation, metaphysical conceit, metropolis, musical theater, musicals, nietzsche, objectivism, onomatopoeias, philosophy, pin-ups, prosthetics, psychology, reincarnation, religious wars, riot grrl, rocky horror picture show, sarcasm, schizophrenia, scratch 'n sniff, singing, stomping fascism, stopping vivisection, subhumans, subliminal messages, swords, tank girl, theater, tibetan freedom, tim curry, tofu, tvp, vegetarianism, water falls, yoga, zodiac, zoobilee zoo
Friends:6: botsonik, superspy, traffux, traffy, uppitycracker, ushas
Friend of:2: superspy, traffux
Account type:Free User

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