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Below is information about the "Best Icons Ever" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:best_icons_ever (719576)
Name:Best Icons Ever
Website:Mantainers Blurty
Location:stratford, Connecticut, United States


These are the Best Icons Ever. oh you better believe...


Welcome to Best_Icons_Ever! Please read ALL of the rules before posting or requesting.

We will never ever modify other people's work. You can go back to the owner and ask them. It will not be done here.

If you take an icon you must give credit to the creator in your keywords. don't steal!

If you take an Icon you must leave a comment in the corresponding post, stating that you took the icon.

When making a request please use the following form.

Background Color and or Pic [link to pic if possible]
Border color:
Font color:
Font size:
Anything Else:

If you make icons, you dont have to post them, but please share (just to be nice)

You must supply your own pictures when requesting icons. Please give us the link to it.

We expect you to read the rules before joining the community. [if you werent you wouldnt be here, so good job!] If any rules were broken, & whatever the problem was has not been changed after 7 days, it will be deleted.

Interests:8: 100x100, animation, animationshop, icons, iconz, members, paint, psp
Members:81: 1warrior, 4ever_lost_in_u, already_heard21, auzryele, b4byd0ll, badstar1, betharoo1322, blackest_tearz, broken101, bunkfacerae, carlyyyy, cronaldofan, cutie9585, dani_babygirl, dezzys_babygirl, dvlschild569, ediciussievol, epitaphfordaria, faded_l0ve, fakedlastnite7, fallingstar46, forsakendestiny, foxygurl0778, frankiesaysxxx, gothic__vampire, gothika_, hate_xx_me, headgames720, heyitslindsay, hockeybabe21, im_c0nfus3d, jacquie, jasonorme666, juvisyxx32, kamuro, kitkat527, lcanbursunshine, leximarie331, liddle_x0_sarah, lilcutekatie823, lilmofoxx, lonely_love, luvinmybaby10, marissaxo, meggiebaby, missundastood89, my_twisted_fate, newyorkdeadboys, nothinq, peachiekinz, pooter, psycogirl, punkedouttool, p_ssed_off, rainbowzrock, rocknroll0425, rusted_heart, sats, saving_myself, shanny32, sing_inthe_rain, slayer035, spongecaitlin, sprinklypoptart, starrydreamz_, sweetest_misery, sweetheart8705, tearstainedeye, trydsohrdifaild, xoxraebabexox, xpessimistic, xpinkxprincessx, xpinkxsodax, xsweetocheeksx, xxcharmedxx, xxjessica_lynnx, xxswept_awayxx, _adamxbr0dy, _f_u_c_k_y_o_u_, _imxcryingx0ut_, _sugarcult
Watched by:31: 4ever_lost_in_u, betharoo1322, faded_l0ve, fallingstar46, forsakendestiny, foxygurl0778, hockeybabe21, im_c0nfus3d, jackass_mc, jasonorme666, leximarie331, lilcutekatie823, lilmofoxx, megacheddar, meggiebaby, my_twisted_fate, newyorkdeadboys, nothinq, peachiekinz, pooter, rusted_heart, sprinklypoptart, starrydreamz_, sweetest_misery, tearstainedeye, trydsohrdifaild, xpessimistic, xpinkxprincessx, xxcharmedxx, zonkie, __limepiink
Account type:Free User

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