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Below is user information for SpongeRob~. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:bertho (386)
Location:St. Petersburg, Florida, United States
Memories:2 entries
Interests:31: '80s teen flicks, beaches, beer, camels, cats, charlatans, cheese, computers, confusing stupid people, dogs, driving aimlessly, dvds, fast cars, fast women, football, hockey, jack daniel's, music, penguins, sex, socks, steak, stone roses, stupid comedies, sunshine, the simpsons, trucks, unlinked interests, vodka, walking around naked, whiskey
Friends:60: 4bu53_pwnz_j00, abortretryfail, abuse, angel, anjori, anthony, banleeted, bisexuality, bleedingsoul, blu, blurty_hs, bobert225, bubba, corsac, customization, derivative, draconid, empyreal, escapeintosleep, esoteric_heart, evil_devil_cow, ghaleon, girl_friday, gwyn, harleen, hourglass, ism, johnbot, ketrien, kingnixon, kristan, lhstrawberry, miaow, miles, nanowrimo, news, official, over18, pezstar, poetictragedyx, polling_place, quotes, rat, saygoodbye, silverraven, simpson_mania, suggestions, support, tempest, tenshisama, thydarkmaster, userdoc, ustmej, whomp, wissel, wspnut, xavier, xtremesaints, zach, _sacchi
Friend of:64: abortretryfail, adcott, angel, anjori, anthony, asciident, bleedingsoul, blu, braindrain, brokenwish, ceiba, corsac, crschmidt, dbcooper, derivative, draconid, empyreal, erin, escapeintosleep, esoteric_heart, evil_devil_cow, feste, gem, ghaleon, giish, girl_friday, glitterkisses14, gooner, greentea, guides, harleen, hourglass, jackola, johnbot, ketrien, kingnixon, kristan, kushiel, lillyy, lovewithnoface, macabremenace, miaow, poetictragedyx, rahaeli, rat, saygoodbye, silverraven, skinglist, spratt, strutmore56, supersat, tatya, tempest, tenshisama, thydarkmaster, ustmej, whomp, wickedawesome, wissel, wspnut, xavier, xtremesaints, zach, _sacchi
Member of:19: 4bu53_pwnz_j00, abuse, banleeted, berthos_novel, blurty_hs, community_ads, customization, nanowrimo, news, official, over18, pezstar, polling_place, simpson_mania, suggestions, support, testcomm, userdoc, wishlist
Account type:Permanent Account, previously an Early Adopter
Date created:2002-10-14 23:59:37
Date updated:2004-07-06 16:06:08, 545 weeks ago
Clients used:GTK2-LogJam: 4.4.1
Web: 1.0, 1.1, 1.1s
Win32-MFC: 1.4.6-lite
Journal entries:73
Support points:4,618
Comments:Posted: 1,522 - Received: 599
Shared Journal Access:bertho can post to 4bu53_pwnz_j00
bertho can post to abuse
bertho can post to banleeted
bertho can post to berthos_novel
bertho can post to blurty_hs
bertho can post to community_ads
bertho can post to customization
bertho can post to nanowrimo
bertho can post to news
bertho can post to official
bertho can post to over18
bertho can post to pezstar
bertho can post to polling_place
bertho can post to simpson_mania
bertho can post to suggestions
bertho can post to support
bertho can post to testcomm
bertho can post to userdoc
bertho can post to wishlist

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