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User:bemusedrobot (83048)
Location:Newton, Massachusetts, United States
AOL IM:bemusedrobot (Add Buddy, Send Message)
I think if you lifted my heart to your ear, you could probably hear the the ocean. I am one of those crazy hopeless romantics (hopeless being the key word) My life revolves around the dramas at stage crew, and my love for art, music, and literature. Summer is my favorite season, I love the nights that seem so late but the sun is still out. So read my journal, tell me what you think. I will comment my friend.
Interests:109: 88.9, acting, air, airports, american history x, anime, art, autum, beauty, bittersweet symphony, black nailpolish, blue flowers, bohemian, books, boston, boys, breathing, celtic, classical, coco, coffee houses, computers, cult classics, dark room, dogma, drawing, dreaming, emo, emo boys, faeries, fairy tales, fantasia, fire, flying, glbt, guitar, guitar boys, harvard square, hawks, hikeing, homies, hotties, html, icons, indie, instant messenger, ireland, irish culture, kingdom hearts, kissing, lights, lobster, love, loving, magik, maine, makeup, mistletoe, moulin rouge, movies, music, musicals, nightmares, nnhs, painting, peeps, photography, pink nailpolish, planet aid, poetry, politics, power, psp7, punk, quadrophenia, rain, reading, reel big fish, reggae, religion, robots, rock steady, roses, rude boys, screaming, sex, sexy, singing, ska, stage crew, sunrises, sushi, sylvia plath, techie, technical theatre, techno, the garment district, the roof, theatre, thinking, thrift stores, trance, underground hip hop, vintage, webcams, wind, world history, writing, yoga
Friends:13: ah_lee, bemusedrobot, bluvelvet, casualxabuse, failurebychoice, gag, goldenyears, iamkir, killingfebruary, sockman16, stormzealot, sweetened_dream, xxsilverkissxx
Friend of:8: bemusedrobot, bluvelvet, blu_velvet, crazed_punk, gag, goldenyears, stormzealot, sweetened_dream
Member of:2: emo_kids, _skellington_
Account type:Early Adopter

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