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Below is user information for ~||.BelleIconz.||~. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:belleicons (188922)  

1. Have respect. ALWAYS credit. (Either Kelzdipz or Belleicons)
2. Do not redistribute my icons.
(Whether it be on a website / journal / or just swapping.)
3. If someone has a question about one of my icons, send them here.
4. Constructive criticism is welcomed, Any meaness will result in being taken off the friends list.
5. Any meaness to other people commenting will result in being removed from the friends list.
6. DO NOT join to ask for layout help.
7. ONLY post requests when i ask for them, and ONLY in that particular entry.
8. DO NOT steal my icons.
9. If you want to take my icons and alter them, ASK, if i say you can then you must give me partial credit.
10. ALWAYS comment so i know who is taking my icons.
11. Do not direct link to my images.
12. When you have read all the rules, post a comment under the "friends only" post, requesting to be a friend and stating you have read the rules.
Any comments requesting to be a friend made in the post below will be ignored. That is so i know you have read the rules.

This is MY personal Icon Journal. It is not a community. You must be added as a friend to see icon entries. If you would like, i can post some of your icons with full credit going to you. Comment and i will contact you.


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|| upthebum
|| The Template Resource

Bases / Patterns. ||Boulevard

Rainbow text: Spark your design

1) spik3d_ducki3x: Took an icon i made without permission and MANGLED it.

Memories:13 entries
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