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User:bellagirl (84280)
Location:United States
AOL IM:SweetSillyGirl04 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Well where to begin? My names Keri, spelled K E R I, no other way! ;-) I'm a typical girl. I just turned 17, the 29th of june. I'm all about being myself, not trying to be someone i'm not. I have my brown hair back, I'm about 5 foot 3 inches, my eyes are green and i weigh enough.
I'm just out to have fun, and enjoy everything i do. I'm all up for sports, softball is my thing, but i love to try and play other ones. My numbers 3. I've been playing softball for 13 years now. I'm a very opininated person, i love giving my two sense. :o)
I love to sing along to the radio, geez so much fun! Driving in circles is so much fun esp. when you're bored and your friend and you can't seem to get anywhere, driving aimlessly=job well done!:o)

i'm a dork.
Interests:149: amazement, american eagle, angels, apples, art, balloons, bananas, beaches, beenies, being held, being loved, being short, being who i am!, bella, birthdays, boyfriends, braclets, bubbles, burps!, butterflies, candies, candles, cars, casuality, cherries, childhood memories, chocolate, clothes, complicatons, compliments, cupcakes, cuteness, dancing, dorks, dreams, driving, driving aimlessly, dumbasses, emotions, excitement, expressions, eyes, family, father-daughter talks, feeling special, feelings, friends, god, granparents, gum, hands, hearts, heros, holding hands, hopes, hotels, hugs, i love yous, ice skating, intimacy, jet skiing, jumping on trampolines, keys, kids, killer whales(like shamu!), kisses, laughing, lilu, lipgloss, long haired guys, looks, love, markers, monkies, mother-daughter talks, movies, music, nail polish, necklaces, necks, night swims, observations, opinions, parks, pictures, playing in the rain, poems, rings, road trips, roller coasters, roses, running, sensitivity, shadows, shoes, showers, silly moments, simplicity, singing loudly, skateboarders, skittles, smiles, snow ball fights, softball, sparkles, spring mornings, sprite, starbursts, stars, stomachs, strawberries, strongness, style, success, suckers, summer nights, sunglasses, sunsets, sunshines, surprises, sweetness, swim suits, swimming, tanktops, tans, teasing, thanks yous, the number three, the smell of colonge, the word wow, thoughts, tire swings, tissues, tongue rings, trampolines, valentines day, van shoes, voices, volleyball, water, wind, winks, wishes, wonders, words, working out, writing, zebras, zoos
Friends:1: dannyboy
Account type:Early Adopter

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