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Below is user information for Southern. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:becoming_me (126932)
Location:United States
Bio:Turning twenty one in June.Living life to the fullest each and everyday.Exercise freak,destined to be beautiful one day. Church goer,but still knows how to have fun. Britney Spears fan,and not ashamed to admit it. Will dance like a fool just to see you smile. Thinks Elvis hung the moon,don't try and tell me different. Has a shoe,purse,lipgloss,magazine,and DVD obsession.

Feels like shes far beyond her years,emotionally and spiritually. Wishes everyone knew how great Marivi,Josie,Krista and Jenn are. Has a crush on Vin Diesel,Conan O'brien, and Stephen Dorff. Loves watching the fights, and any movies tha thave to do with the mafia,or streetgangs. Loves Northern boys and northern accents. Has seen Dueces Wild ,100 times just to hear him say Mutha hehe.

Interests:108: angels, animal activist, animal print, animals, at home hair treatments, bad boys, bath and body works, being outdoors, black clothes, boxing, boy cut undies, bright blue, britney spears, carebears, church, clueless, collecting dvds, college, conan obrien, cosmo girl, couples, credit cards, dirty denim, dirty girl products, dueces wild, elle, elvis costello, elvis presley, eminem, esquire, etc), exercising, fake tanner, felicity, flip flops, friends, fruit, glitter, good boys, hallmark, highlights, holding hands, hot pink, in style, in style makeovers, in style weddings, intelligence, jennifer lopez, jlo clothing, justin timberlake, kelp deep conditioner masque, kickboxing, king of the hill, late night bubble baths, late night talks, legally blonde, lip gloss, long nails, love, low rise jeans, low rise undies, magazines(in touch, manicures, modified magazine, mp3s, my chihuahua killer, nasty girl lipgloss, neon green, new york, nice bodies, nice hands, nice running shoes, northern accents, office supplies, oldies music, organizers, pedicures, people), photo albums, photography, piercings, pink the color, playboy bunnies, postcards, purses, rainy days, seventeen, skinlights by revlon, soft kisses, sports, stationary, sundays., tattoos, teen vogue, the beach, the dirty south, the mall in general, toma tan, torn denim, track suits, true friends, us weekly, vegetarianism, vin diesel, vintage, vintage pin up products(purses, white tshirts, xtina
Friends:3: fadedsky, love_star, paintedstars
Friend of:1: love_star
Account type:Early Adopter

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