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Below is information about the "Silent Cries" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:become_hopeless (76657)
Name:Silent Cries
Location:Pavilion, United States
About:This community is for people who want to talk to other people with their "problems" and to share daily troubles, such as cutting, rape, sexual abuse, eating disorders, ect., and get help without risking embarassment.
Interests:61: abuse, ana, anorexia, anorexia nervosa, bdd, binge, binge and purge, binge eating, binging, blades, bmi, body, body dysmorphic disorder, body image, body image disorder, bulimia, calories, coe, cognitive psychology, cognitive therapy, compulsive overeating, counselling, cutting, depersonalization, depression, derealization, disordered, dissoctiation, domestic violence, eating disorders, fat, insomnia, laxatives, meds, mia, obsessions, obsessive, ocd, over exercising, overweight, perfection, personality disorder, pills, psychiatrist, purge, purging, rape, scales, scars, self harm, self injury, self mutilation, skinny, slimming pills, therapy, treatment, underweight, vomit, weight, weight gain, weight loss
Members:96: 2_minute_hate, abandoned_shoe7, addicted_2you, akiraj, allisnotwell, almostdown_5, anadoll, anamiagirl, anaseawolf, babixlicious69, babygirljade, bbygirl, bimbobambi, bitter_tears, blackdeath, bolly_darling, borderlineana, cereal, chatterboxqt87, cheerupemokid1, cherishedone, comfortmarie, cookiemonster5, crimson_wounds, darkness_fails, dark_love, demented_doll, dreamsthat, dyingslowly, elbowsturnmeon, emokid05, emptysullengirl, enidcoleslaw, fade_out_again, fighter4life, fightingdragon, fixedzero, foilstars, food_nazi, forbiddensnow, forg0ttenxfate, fragile_fae, ghostwalker, hollowbeauty, hoplesscrayon, hurting_inside, iamsam82, insaneprincess, jessika127, killmelater, l0ving_p0ntius, livvylove, lost_ruby6892, mask_of_sanity, masterskitty, maybeforever, mija, monstrous, morgs, mygenesis, never_buried, nixi, oxy_suicide, pixie_punk, prettyhatescar, prettyinpinkx, proanaed, pukcuf, reckrockaree, revelling08, scarred_meg, sharpie_chic, silent_cries, spirallingangel, starbeam, starsnmoons, svveets, sweetlittlelie, swingingthedead, the_reverend, thrrnvwlsnths, thursdaysenvy, too_far_away, untouchable, violent_storms, weight_obsessed, xbeachbabex, xcrystalballerx, xpadded_cellx, xxheyxkidxx, yourlastwords, zoomeister, _blink_x_girl_, _dead_dollie_, _steven_da_pimp, __beeyouteefull
Watched by:44: 2_minute_hate, aja, almostdown_5, anamiagirl, anaseawolf, bimbobambi, cereal, cherishedone, comfortmarie, darkness_fails, elbowsturnmeon, emptybutterfly, emptysullengirl, enidcoleslaw, fade_out_again, fightingdragon, fl0ating0nair, foilstars, food_nazi, forbiddensnow, fragile_fae, ghostwalker, hollowbeauty, insaneprincess, koalabb, lirsongirl, mangledbarbie, maybeforever, monstrous, n0t_a_slut, nixi, paintedbluestar, powerless, prettyhatescar, prettyinpinkx, proanaed, pukcuf, scarred_meg, spirallingangel, starbeam, weight_obsessed, _blink_x_girl_, _hushpuppy_, _steven_da_pimp
Account type:Early Adopter

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