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User:bebekisses (171059)
Website:My Pictures
Location:Jersey Shore, United States

( Who Am I ?! )

Hey There! My name is Nicole, I'm 5 ft. tall (yes im a shorti), long dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and 100% Italian!! I just turned 18 on April 22, and I'm living in New Jersey. I'm a Junior at HSE and my school is full of a bunch of thug wannabe's and catty girls! I have a boyfriend Mikey and we've been together since July 10, 2001 <33! He is thee sweetest, cutest, most loving person and he is my very best friend! I absolutely adore him and he is my world! I'm an outgoing, funny, crazy kinda girl! I love laughing, having fun & just being me! I'm very independent and can be a major bitch! If I like you, you'll know, people who are on my good side...see my good side! hehe! I speak what's on my mind and I'm a totally honest person! I don't take bullshit from anyone!

( I Am Said To Be.. )

funny ; crazy ; sarcastic ; cute ; tiny ; pretty ; loud ; bitchy ; out going ; independent ; stubborn ; hard working ; goofy ; honest ; giggly ; loving ; cuddly ; friendly ; caring ; horny ; moody ; speical ; sweetheart ; weird ; trustworthy ; hateful ; annoying ; lazy

( My Obsessions.. )

my baby mikey ; orlando bloom ; bebe ; the color pink ; kitties ; aladdin ; six feet under ; aol ; lord of the rings ; surfer boys ; beach ; spongebob squarepants ; warm weather ; cuddling ; kisses ; love ; pictures ; cheerleading ; journals ; being clean ; perfumes ; unicorns ; laughing ; sleeping

( My Shit List.. )

throw up ; liars ; spiders ; 2-faced people ; nosy people ; cheaters ; players ; naggers ; non-humorous people ; sluts ; dirty people ; stucks ups ; haters ; stalkers ; jealousy ; school ; winter ; obnoxious people ; back stabbers ; hypocrites ; mostly everyone ; fakes ; dickheads

( My Journal.. )

YEP, you guessed it!
It's Friends Only!
Comment and add me..
..and I'll probably add you back!
Rules: You can read the rules on my journal but..please don't waste your time if you don't comment, update, or you're a rude person. If your any of these, I'll remove you from my list and will not get added back!

Oh yes, don't ask me for help..I help friends only!!
If I do help you, you need to credit me..I give credit and expect it in return!!
Also, don't add me just to get help either. I'll know :-)

Thank ya!

( Layout Versions.. )

1.0 = Paradise
2.0 = Orlando Bloom
3.0 = xtina
4.0 = Ashanti
current = Set Me Free

( Thank You's.. )

x_mizz_tina_x for my awesome icon!
yellow_snow for blinkies
bj_blinkies for blinkies
prettyful_icons for personal icons
ic0nified for free icons for help, free backgrounds, icons, signs, etc.!
worshiped and her website for my background <33

( Awards I've Won.. )

( My Cute Little Things.. )

Interests:86: 60's, 80's, abercrombie and fitch, aladdin, american idol, ankle bracelets, aruba, attention, beaches, bebe, being crazy, being in love, being me, being tan, britney spears, bubble baths, cds, cheerleading, clue, courage the cowardly dog, cuddling, dexter's laboratory, diamonds, disney world, dogs, dolphins, dumb and dumber, elf's, fairys, ferris bueller's day off, flordia, friends, glitter, harry potter, having a boyfriend, having fun, hollister, icons, islands, italians, jewelry, jlo, jokes, kate hudson, kisses, kitties, laughing, lilo and stitch, lip gloss, lord of the rings, love, makeup, mikey, milk duds, money, movies, music, nails, oldies, orlando bloom, perfume, pictures, pink, real world, relationships, roxy, saving silverman, shopping, simpsons, six feet under, sleeping, soaking up the sun, spongebob squarepants, stars, stuffed animals, summer, sun, surfer boys, the breakfast club, the goonies, the ocean, toe rings, tom cruise, unicorns, writing, xtina
Friends:58: 0bsessi0n, ang3l_x, antiyoux3, aroused, babi03, babynat03, bebekisses, beccabeanz, berrykiss03, billabongchic, cherry_lipglosz, clear_tearz, crazybyutiful, crazy_nun, dedicate, dunholdmedown, fighter4life05, gangsta_babii, hartsy2427, iambunny, ic0nified, importance, ixsweettartxi, i_have_pr0blems, katypatutie, kelsx0x, kendramichelle, kmg88, liddleladii69, lilxstef, lil_snugglez, lindzbaby, lollip0pss69, loving_ana_thin, l_love_you, miixed, moonangel04, no_holding_back, oh_soo_sexc, omg_itz_me, oxangelickayyxo, peek_a_boo, piqqytails, sammarina, sayinggoodbye, sex_me_x, stickysweet, sugar_craz3d, sweetlies, swt_ladii, takeabreath0, vanilla__kissez, wishful_heart, worshiped, yummiie_x0x, _d0ntspeak, _delicate, _tainted_dreams
Friend of:44: 0bsessi0n, abercrombabi246, antiyoux3, babi03, babynat03, bebekisses, beccabeanz, billabongchic, cherrydyme, cherry_lipglosz, chrixxie, crazybyutiful, cuddles4e, dedicate, dunholdmedown, fighter4life05, hartsy2427, iambunny, ic0nified, ilovedb27, ixsweettartxi, i_have_pr0blems, liddleladii69, lilxstef, lil_snugglez, lindzbaby, loving_ana_thin, moonangel04, no_holding_back, oh_soo_sexc, omg_itz_me, peek_a_boo, randinicole, sammarina, sayinggoodbye, secret_sum1, sex_me_x, spoiled25, sugar_craz3d, sweetlies, takeabreath0, twiist, vanilla__kissez, _delicate
Member of:8: answers, friendsonlysign, ic0nz_, iconaddicts, idiotsguide, pretty_bxtchin, psptutorials, x_free_shit_x
Account type:Early Adopter

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