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Below is user information for .beachie.mix.. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:beachiemix (271860)
Yahoo! ID:beachiemix@yahoo.,com (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:oh yeah.
Interests:111: acoustics, acting, adobe photoshop, adobe premiere, ashton kutcher, baileys, bathing suits, beach, beach sand, billabong, black and white pictures, blank cds, board shorts, bob marley, boracay, broadway, calvin and hobbes, cheering, chill out project, chinos, corny jokes, csi, dancing, de la salle university, digital cameras, dishwalla, diving, drinking, drinking games, fishes, flipflops, flirting, friends, fruit shakes, fuel, funny guys, greece, green, greenbelt 3, greenhills, hawaiian prints, hooded jackets, house parties, hugh grant, il postino, instant messaging, intellectual guys, jamaican groove, jason wade, john mayer, jose cuervo, khakis, laughing, let it snow, lit, little mermaid, lizzie mcguire, lycra, matt ryczek, matthew perry, mcdo, meg ryan, mind games, moreno guys, movie theatres, mp3s, mpegs/avis, mudslide, music, nicholas sparks, nike, nikon, norah jones, orange, overjoyed, paranoia, photography, plumb, poetry, pooka shells, punta fuego, quotes, road trips, rockwell church, roswell, sandra bullock, saturday mornings, sex and the city, shawn colvin, shopping, slr cameras, smiles, sneakers, spain, spanish, speedo, sponteneity, summer, sunsets, surveys, swimming, tank tops, the verve pipe, tonic, vodka ice, von ray, weezer, when harry met sally, white shirts, wilmer valderama, zero 7
Friends:10: br0wn_c0w, distantvisions, funkfaith, jamster, mushmellow, orangecounty, pinkdamsel, spunkystarlite, summer_stargirl, wedgie112
Friend of:11: br0wn_c0w, distantvisions, funkfaith, jamster, mushmellow, opalinx, orangecounty, pinkdamsel, spunkystarlite, summer_stargirl, wedgie112
Member of:2: survey, sur_veys
Account type:Free User

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