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User:beachiemamma (828092)  
Bio:Inside is what is going on inside my head...or at least some of it. I am not yet prepared to share all, but I am working toward being able to at least deal with it. Read at your own risk...

There is not much information about me that is worthy but I am 33 div&sngl mom who wishes to find what I think everyone is looking for...happiness. The most important thing in my life is my family and my friends. My daughter is 11, but thinks she is 17. She has a mind of her own & although independence is a great aspect, right now it always gets her into trouble. Someday though she will be a leader an asset to everyone around her. My father is widowed (3 years) and has recently starting dating & I am usually cool with it. Lots of friends have blessed me over the years but my best friends are awesome, they makes me cry more than laugh but they are the ones who brighten my everyday. When I see them coming I smile (but with a tear in my eye). Life can be so difficult for everyone. They are best at making me feel forever young.
Interests:9: beach, depression, dolphin, lonely, mad, ocean, outer banks, poetry, sad
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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