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Below is user information for Grrl against the world*. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:bcifuckingsaid (110727)
Name:Grrl against the world*
Website:fUck yoU


__Girl / Britt / 16 / green eyes / Texas / loving / caring / crazy / drunk / hyper / sarcastic / high on life / addicted / vain / bitchy / dork / hated / writer / poet / wanna be musician / Titty Less Chick / lost / found / independent / pretty / smart / friend / enemy / country by the grace of god / grrl

__Loves/ hot pink / diet coke / water / showers / smirnof ice / friends / jimmy neutron / mirrors / crackers / texas country music / bob dylan / green day / sublime / fake nails / tanning / malls / shopping / piercings / tattoos / dancing /goofing off / having fun / bois / girls /

__Hates / stuck up bitches / pepsi / not having fun / budweiser / dumb boys / people who take life to seriously / poseurs / being depressed / dogs that never shut up /
people waking me up / hangovers / suckups / slow drivers / drama queens / bummin / trends / cheaters /
school teachers / jaw lines /
assholes / sluts / people who ruin my good times

__Kill Me / Aim:pinkcordlessfone / Yahoo:brittheartsyou / FaceTheJury:bigirrrlie02

Thats Aaron, my best friend in the whole world.

We have known each other our whole lives, and there is no other person in this world Id die for faster, than Id die for him. He listens with out judging, and is always there for me no matter what. This fall he is moving to Kansas to go play basketball for some fancy college. =[ Im going to miss him so much. We only get to see each other like 2-3 times a year due to the fact he lives like, 7 hours away. But the times we get to see each other, we have a blast. Aaron, Ill always love you boi.

To all my tru grrls. You know who you are.
WhEn iM sLiPPiN . tRiPpiN . oR BiTcHiN
tHeSe gUrLs aRe aLwAyz tHeRe tO LiStEn
aNd wHeN yOuR cRyiN . dyiN . aNd iTs LoVe ThaT yOu LaCk
aLwAyz rEmEmBa .. i GoT yAa BaCk

Mary Ann Youve been my girl since 4th grade and you know nothing will ever change that. I love ya grrlie!

Kelly My ghetto girl. Dont ever change for anyone!

Shana Yeah, Id say youre one of my tru homegirls now. You know if you EVER need something, just call me!

Aaron Youre my best friend, nothing will change that. Thanks for always being there for me, when no one else was. You are always there when I need you the most, and I love you for that.

Elizabeth Haha, you know ur my girl and Id die for you in a heartbeat. Stay tru to yourself and dont let anyone ever tell you, youre not good enough.

Interests:149: 100% texan, a&e, aggieland, americas funniest home videos, anti-slut, avril lavigne, bar stools, being a brat, being a dork, being a nerd, being cute, being invisible, big bird, bisexuality, black bras, black eyeliner, bob dylan, boobs, boxers, boys, bracelets, breaking things, bright eyes, bruce springsteen, bubble gum, buckle, buried secrets, candy, care bears, coloring, compliments, cooder graw, cookie monster, cory morrow, couches, counting crows, darwins waiting room, david, diet coke, earshot, evil looks, exercising, faith hill, fbi files, flip flops, free birds buritos, friends, gadzooks, getting tickled, gi joes, glaring at people, glow sticks, grapes, gwen, hands, hiding under blankets, hot pink, hot tubs, hot wheels, insults, jackass, jacob dylan, jewelry, jimmy neutron, jokes, kittys, laughing until i cry, lesermor, licking my lips, lip gloss, lips, lite brite, looking in the mirror, martina mcbride, me, monkeys,, mtv, mud wrestling, muscle shirts, my dog, myself, not being a whore, nothingness, now and laters, pac sun, pat green, phone books, phones, pictures, piercings, pink toe nails, play doh, post-it notes, pro ana, rainy days, random thoughts, rave hair spray, ritz crackers, rocking chairs, running, scaring people, screaming for no reason, sex, sharpie markers, silly putty, silver jewelry, silver rings, sister hazel, sleeping, smiling over nothing, srv, starving, sticking out my tounge, suckers, sxe, tanning, tanning beds, tattoos, teddy bears, texas country music, the color pink, the discovery channel, the history channel, the learning channel, the muppet babies, the real world, the science channel, thongs, thumb wars, tickling people, tigers, tight pants, tilt jeans, toe rings, tom petty, tongues, tootsie pops, tootsie rolls, toys r us, train, ty beanie bears, us, wall clocks, water, working out, wrists,, you
Friends:16: adicti0ns, anti_trend, blueelf, branten, emopopper4, fadeintofocus, flaunting, fockyoo, inn0cence, materialistic, niqqa, paulie347, see_my_bandana_, shaded_wingsxx, this_machine___, _lipgloss
Account type:Early Adopter

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