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Below is information about the "Claim Your Favourite Band!" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:band_claims (16428)
Name:Claim Your Favourite Band!
Website:Claims List
About:This is a community to claim your favourite band. There are a couple rules, so bare with us here.

The first five people can have two claims, but after that, you can have one claim per person. And, since I'm lazy, no changing claims. :-)

Join the community and post to let us know what band you'd like to claim. If no one else has claimed the band, it's okay. Myself (Mel) or Vic will get your claim added to the claims list as soon as possible.

That being said, please check the claims list to see if your band is taken.

If someone already has the band that you'd like to claim, talk to them and see if they're willing to share. If they are, then comment us and tell us what band it is and who you're sharing with. But, please do not fight about it in the community.

No spamming or posting entries that aren't related to the community. It's a waste of space for the people who want to claim a band.

You can claim a band that is no more (ie: Grey Daze, The Moffatts, New Kids On The Block - whatever floats your boat) and they can be any genre of music.

Once you leave the community, your band is automatically up for grabs. If you delete your journal and then undelete, you have one week to reclaim your band. Once that one week is up, your former band is up for grabs to anyone.

And that's that! Now, go claim. :-)

Owned and maintained by: ller and routinescar
Interests:16: \m/, bands, cds, claiming things, country, emo, hip hop, indie, metal, music, nu-metal, punk, radio, rap, rock, ska
Members:206: 0091, 0xkiissesx0, 13x1, aeshortii, almostdead28, anointing, anthy, aru_chan, ayprull, a_star, babygirljade, bandshirts, barry_mantiblow, bizatchica, bluedragonness, bmogroupie, booya, bottleduptearz, butterknife, candytears, catz1861, chaste_sin, chibi_yochan, chrryb0mbl0ser, cocainenights, coming_clean, common_d, cryingoutloud, ctrlaltdlt, cxnt, deathlessones, deranged, deryckism, dieprettie, divine_trash, dolli, doll_parts, dont_apologize, dreamsofbohemia, dreamyfool, emokid83, end3r, enigmaticdaemon, eternallymarred, eudemonia, evilqueen, exhaledangel, fantasies, feel_so_callous, foolishslacker_, fragment_ideas, fraisy, fuckedupgirl, gcpsychochick90, geeklikewoah_, geeksterjen, glitterxscars, goforthegoat, grd, heartcold, heartlessx, hermin_my_rat, hide, holyramensw, hornedhalo, hotlikebutter, hotrodcircuit, hxchk, iforgotmysnagn, iitaliana, ilryan, imjustakid, ineluctable, iou_one_galaxy, ironic, iwantariot, i_have_pr0blems, jons_slut, joystick, juicyplasma, kamijo, kingzilla, kinkystar, knux, kopophobic_fae, kornchamber, kraziekandie, krunkity, laconic, ladyxliberty, lets_crak_stars, lilnazi, lostinmyreverie, loudandoutofkey, lovebrianjones, lucidxdreamer, macabre, mercuryxrising, miss_piggy, moonsinger, musicalgenius, mwook, my_pride_war, nadaxsurfed, nervegas, nocoz, noise_n_kisses, notfalling, no_seatbelt, numbness, parisxinxflames, penguin_slut, perfectdisaster, piepunk, pist0lsxjunkie, player, polyester, psycogirl, punkyriotwhore, pussy, pyromaniac, p_u_n_k, rakedunn, renee, reveltheview, riotscum77, riot__, rockthisway, rotten, routinescar, ruby_soho, san, sats, savesthemeg, seas_of_ink, secretlycrushed, sensbitch, shadowrawk, shakeitlove, shateredremains, shexay, shinoda, sixstring2003, skinnerninner, snoogans, soadchick229, socokid, sparkled, spittles, spreadyrlove, star_shaped_box, stinkypink, strawberyshorty, subliminalforce, suicidalsurgery, summer__romance, suzi, svveetness, sycophant, systemfreak1, tangleofmyheart, tasteofsuicide, teething, themookieness, thesakeofscars, theusedntbs, thrubeingcool, toastershiplove, tragicmistake21, tropicalpunch, twiggette, twistd_memories, uninspired_gaze, whippersnapper, whirlwind, wideawake, wishing4addison, wooha, xbleedingheartx, xbrokenxheartx, xemo_junkiex, xfallen_starx, xisthisitx, xmakemebleedx, xmorganx, xoxsunshinexox, xpaperheartx, xwithout_you, xxemogeekxx, xxemo_loserxx, xxsilverkissxx, xxstrangegrrlxx, x_hootyhoo, yellow, yoshiki, youresolastyear, yourxtragedy, _bloodyromance, _bonzai_, _exposure, _starred, _teenager, _teenage_riot, __breakdown, __dirtystars__, ___allie
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