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Below is user information for Sean. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:bahiabayshark (949445)
Location:Texas, United States
Bio:I'll work on it in a little big. :)
Interests:134: 7th sea, aliens, andromeda, anime cons, art, art bell, art journals, artwork, b movies, beach art, beach boys, beach life, beaches, bible, bisexual rights, bonfires, bowling, call of cthulhu, castle falkenstein, cgi cartoons, cgi comic books, changeling: the dreaming, charity work, children's rights, chopsticks, christian events, christianity, clan brujah, clive barker, coast to coast am, comercial art, comic book conventions, cooking, costuming, crazy taxi, dawn of the dead, ddr, doom 3, dracula, dreamcast, drum circles, egypt in general, exercise games, fantasy, farscape, fasting, father's rights, fun, fund raising, gay rights, ghost stories, ghosts, gorillaz, goth boys, gravitation, green, green christianity, green living, h.p. lovecraft, halloween, halloween decorations, halo: combat evolved, happy techno, haunted houses, hellbound heart, hijras rights, hope, horror novels, hunger walks, invader zim, jalapeno poppers, jedi, jesus, kurt cobain, learning spanish, longboards, magic the gathering, math, meditation, mix tape cd, moutain climbing, mummy: the resurrection, nightbreed, nirvana, nosferatu, oni-con, painting, palm trees, peace, photography, presbyterian, redemption, reliant k, resident evil, respect, rock climbing, rocky horror picture show, samaba de amigo, satyr, sculpture, self-education, shonen jump, silent hill, soaking up the sun, sportsbikes, star craft, star wars, star wars collectables, star wars d20, steam punk, steam punk pirates, steampunk, stunts, sugary sweet, sun bathing, sun worship, surfboards, sushi, swimming, tanning, the matrix, tokyo pop, tombs, tombstones, ufos, unexplained, vampire: the masquerade, video games, weight lifting, working out, world of darkness classic, xbox, ziggy stardust, zombies
Friends:1: thinandhealthy
Member of:1: thinandhealthy
Account type:Free User

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