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Below is user information for Wendy. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:badvampkitty (938605)
Location:Pennsylvania, United States
-live in Pa
-a mother of 2 daughters

-writing poetry/songs
-shooting pool
-being out doors
-being on my online diaries
-talking on the phone
-drinking on occasion
-scrap booking

-Tractor Trailors
-Peoplez who writz lik dis cuz itz annoyin
-Or PeOpLe WhO wRiTe LiKe ThIs.
-Drama/Drama Whores

-Pro-gay marriages
-Pro-formula feeding
-Pro-breast feeding(I am for both only because I have done both)
-Pro-disposable diapering

-Gov't(I am anarchy whaa)
-Religion(nope I dont believe in God or that shit so sue me)

If you dont agree or like anything that is writen in this journal.Or agree or like anything I believe in then dont read my journal.I dont want you to whaa at me in MY JOURNAL.I dont care from drama and dram whores.Pretty much Fuck off if you dont agree with me because I dont care if you do or not.I am entitled to my own opinions and beliefes.Also any pictures used in this journal are copyrighted by who steals,uses my pictures without my permission will be reported to the proper athorities and punished.

Interests:145: 28 days, afi, aim, all american rejects, american history x, anal, angelina jolie, babies, baby, bands, bi, bisexual, black, blink 182, bondage, boys, britney spears, carebears, chatting, cheese, child psychology, chinese, chocolate, cigarettes, clock work orange, cock, coffee, coldplay, concerts, cunt, dashboard confessional, denny's, drinking, duct tape, e, emo, emo boys, ephrata, evanescence, exstacy, fantasie, fantasies, finch, fishnets, freak, friends, gay, gay pride, girls, goth, hate, hoobastank, horror, hot topic, idenity, incubus, jimmy eat world, kama sutra, kids, kinky, kool-aid, lancaster, lesbian, lesbian pride, linking park, liquior, love, lover, lust, mall, marriage, masturbation, matrix, milk, mommy, mother, movies, mtv, music, my chemical romance, naughty, nightmare before chirstmas, nudity, oral, orlando bloom, outkast, pa, pennsylvania, pepsi, pflag, philly, piercings, pink, pizza, poems, poetry, porn, porno, pride fest, pro life, punk, punk boys, pussy, queer as folk, queers, rainbow, real world, relient k, resident evil, road rules, rock for life, saves the day, sex, sexual, sexy, short, simpsons, smashing pumpkins, spotlight syndicate, sr71, starting line, student, subway, sum 41, system of a down, tacos, taking back sunday, tattoos, the 80's, the ataris, the beatles, the l word, the oc, the ring, the simpsons, the used, thursday, tigers, tongue rings, tv, unwritten law, x, xtc, yeah yeah yeahs, yellowcard
Friends:1: honestyisabitch
Account type:Free User

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