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Below is information about the "Bad Religion Fans" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:badreligionfans (217336)
Name:Bad Religion Fans
About:A community for Bad Religion Fans!

Desolate and without purpose
Radiating from so many septic sources
Forming the fabric of a wayward people
Disappearing as the vestiges of our past
Scratched like tartan into virgin soil
A substrate for progress and disarray
A spreading network of broken dreams
Searching for a thoroughfare to take us away...
Just a little tale from the streets of America (say a little prayer)
Sparkled promises paved with pathos and hysteria
Trenchant, weary native sons;
Step back (step back)
and see the damage done
Meander to the horizon...
The streets of America.

Damn, that's poetry...

A great picture of Greg in Italy circa 2000. Photo by Michael Pahl.

The Bad Religion Lexicon
The Best Bad Religion Links
Interests:45: 80-85, against the grain, all ages, american lesion, atheism, back to the known, bad religion, beat poetry, big words, bobby schayer, brett gurewitz, davy goldmen, epitaph, evolutionary biology, generator, greg graffin, greg hetson, individualism, individuals, into the unknown, jay bentley, jay lishrout, la punk, melody, mr. brett, no control, no substance, paul dedona, peter finestone, politics, punk, recipe for hate, san fernanado valley, science, sesquipidalian, slam dancing, stranger than fiction, suffer, tested, the gray race, the new america, the process of belief, tim gallegos, truth, voting
Members:9: i_ate_glass, i_eat_glass, kombuchaspiders, lemonheadork, matadorblue, multiplesifl, queenxofxpain, thought_rioter, _shaye_
Watched by:3: kombuchaspiders, matadorblue, multiplesifl
Account type:Free User

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