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User:backseat_lover (646975)  
Location:Bowie, Maryland, United States

Backseat Lover...
    I'll be yours

seventeen (nearly eighteen) year old girl with a mind like fire, addictive personality, and a passion for trouble. Very quiet and still brutally honest, insecure to no end but loves to learn and doesn't believe in regrets or mistakes. Sarcastic sense of humor, often very dirty. Very open minded. Wants to be a kid forever. Wants to be loved and make people happy. Wants to move. Enjoys hard music of various kinds. Lives for night time and being near the ocean. Italian heritage. Cannot speak without using hands. Falls for boys of criminal mind and girls of the opposite. Learning guitar. Loves video games. Hates waiting, has no patience. Trusts easily, loves easier.

Interests:85: 40 oz, acid, adult swim, alcohol, alice in wonderland, american history x, animals, aqua teen hunger force, atari, autumn, bisexual, blow, blunts, body modification, bongs, boots, boys, cartoons, chai, chaos, cigarettes, clockwork orange, coffee, coke, david lynch, dr seuss, drinking, drugs, fear and loathing, ferrets, fight club, fire, fishnet, foreplay, ghosts, girls, grand theft auto, green, hallucinogens, hunter s. thompson, insomnia, kill, kissing, lights, liquor, lsd, lust, maniac mansion, marijuana, mosh pits, mushrooms, night, nintendo, ocean, philosophy, photography, piercings, pills, playsation, pulp fiction, rain, rollercoasters, sex, shows, shrooms, simpsons, sleeping, slurpees, smoking, snakes, space ghost, stanley kubrick, summer, surveys, swords, tattoos, the legend of zelda, thunder storms, trouble, vegetarianism, velvet, vice city, video games, webdesign, weed
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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