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Below is user information for Cristina. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:babydoll_06 (889179)  
Bio:Im an independent lady hu enjoys freedom. no restrictions, my capacity is just the limitation that i have. i do things that i want, and makes effort to get what i want.
At times am impulsive wen it comes to doing things and making decisions, but i know the consequences of ma actions and take full responsibility to whatever the outcomes myt be.
i live by the moment, i dont do much planning but i do set goals.
i laugh wen am happy. wen am sad, i dont have 2 speak a single word nd ma closest fwends know that am sad, guess it shows in ma eyes. i dont speak wen i get annoyed cz i got a razor sharped tongue nd i dont wanna hurt anybody so i just shut up. ; )
am easy 2 please, people get d impression that am a snob. am not, i just dont get d point of smiling wen u dnt feel like smiling. wat u see on me is wat u get, a person hu just expresses wat she feels. i dont wana b petendin 2 b sumbody hu am not. nd i dont lyk people hu do that, i dont lyk fakers.
i enjoy each moment of the day, and i dont lyk people hu seems 2 be always runnin out of time. i dont lyk rushing n complaining. i hate whinners. but i do get along with any type of people, but wen i cant stand that person anymore, i show it.
people who are calm even if in times of frantic situation gets ma admiration. i adore people hu knows what they want, cz am lyk that. iv always known what i want in lyf nd i work hard to get them. for me, indecisive people woudn't get anywhere in this world.
am a girl hu luvs 2 hav fun, nd i take care of d serious matters in lyf in ma own way. i hate pressures.
i can live anywhere. ; )
am makulet.
i treasure ma friends, nd i luv ma family.
wen i luv, i give as much as i can, nd dont expect nytin in return.. ; )
am mushy.. ; )
Interests:6: bags, magazines, men, movies, reading, shoes
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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