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User:baby_scribble (166467)  
Location:Udine, Italy
Bio:All you need is love.
Love is all you need.
Interests:96: aborigens, adelaide, adidas shoes, air, albert hoffman, aldous huxley, allen ginsberg, andré masson, ani difranco, art, australia, bags, beauty, cakes, canterbury, captain beefheart, carrots, caspar david friedrich, chocolate, crumbled fable, didgeridoo, dirty three, dixie dregs, donatien-alphonse-françoise de sade, eating, eyebrows, fernando pessoa, fiona apple's voice, flowers, flute, francis picabia, frank zappa, fromage, greatful dead, green, gustav klimt, gustave moreau, hans jean arp, interior decoration, isle of wight festival, jazz, jethro tull, joan mirò, josé saramago, joy division, julian casablancas, lawrence ferlinghetti, lighthouses, love, man ray, marc chagall, marcel duchamp, max ernst, milk, mirrors, mum, music, my bloody valentine, nick drake, nick valensi, outback, paul delvaux, percy bysse shelley, pere ubu, pink, pink fairies, portugal, psychedelia, rené magritte, romeo+juliet, salvador dalì, scarfs, shadows, sleep, smallville, snow, soft machine, stars, storms, stracchino, strange clothes, suicide, surrealism, swimming, the strokes, the velvet underground, tom welling, van der graaf generator, vanilla, vintage clothes, water, william blake, wind, witchcraft, woodstock, yves tanguy
Friends:11: aryn07, bohemian_nyc, deltines, dirtydream, dyingtree, emocore_slutttt, gling_glo, lamorale, nightmarehippie, sbrilluccichio, tears_of_pearls
Friend of:4: dyingtree, gling_glo, sbrilluccichio, tears_of_pearls
Member of:1: bohemian_nyc
Account type:Early Adopter

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