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User:babi03 (76920)

0x * .k a t i e. * x0

- y0u think y0u kn0 but y0u have n0 idea. . . -

[--what i luv--]

music, summer, parties!, having fun, being in love, t r u e friends, the internet -> 1o0 % addict..haha., shopping, $$, driving, dirtbikes, swimming, my cellular...etc. ;D

[--don't go there..--]

bees/wasps/anything that stings, perverted fucking guys, friends that turn their backs on you, losing people that i love, laundry, dishes, dave matthews band, bitchy-snobby girls, people who judge you based on what you look like not because they know you or anything smart like that ;), many others

[--contact me--]
AIM- Huni51

i ain't trippin, i'm just missin you
you know what i'm sayin, you know what i mean
every now & then, when i'm all alone
i'd be wishin you would call me on the telephone
say you want me babe, but you never do
i feel like such a fool. i can't take it
what am i waitin for? my heart's still breakin
i miss you even more. & i can't fake it
the way i could before, i hate you
but i love you, i can't stop thinkin of you
it's true.. i'm stuck on you

thanks to kristen for help with the scroll box ;)
Interests:16: atvs, chillen, cky, clothes, driving, eminem, friends, havin fun, internet, makeup, modeling, parties, shopping, soccer, summer, vacation
Friends:35: bebekisses, bg_whore, bounciin, cheerbabi, cheerbabii55, d1tzy, digitalgravel, gangsta_babii, ic0nified, idiotsguide, ilovepaulwalker, kristen, lilpinkladee11, lil_0ne, lollipunk, lyricsnquotes_, madd__makeovers, make0verz, makeupwhores, nudle, obsessi0nz, peanut23, pink_champagne, preshus, sexbomb, sexyness, simpliidazzlinq, so0damnpretty, summer_bebe, sweetxkiishes, wordzunspoken, xscandolusbabix, xx_nikki_xx, yummiinesz, _gangbang
Friend of:19: bebekisses, bounciin, cheerbabii55, d1tzy, gangsta_babii, ilovepaulwalker, kristen, luci0us_kiss, mandym430, nudle, obsessi0nz, peanut23, preshus, sexyness, simpliidazzlinq, summer_bebe, tinytory, wordzunspoken, xscandolusbabix
Member of:7: bg_whore, digitalgravel, iconoclast, idiotsguide, lollipop_awards, lyricsnquotes_, makeupwhores
Account type:Early Adopter

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