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Below is user information for Ab. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:baberzz (75889)
Location:MeDfA, United States
AOL IM:SittnByDa Fridge (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:baberrzz (Add User, Send Message)
Bio: lets name is abbey and im currently 14..meaning, i'll be 15 in august, but til 14. i live in muh-ass..(or as u ppl kno it, mass) I AM FINALLY OUT OF HELL! im going to medford high and i am sooo excited. single..and i always will be! im gunna end up living on tha streets poor and neva gunna get married, and im neva gunna have kids :[ unless i kidnap one of corse :]but i wud never do that ;]..anyhoo...if u wanna add me to ur friends list, add away! i'll infact, add u, that was a special moment. :]
Interests:26: beaches, blurty, boys, dances, fam, fbi, food, friends, hiphop, maine, mall, movies, music, olive, online, parties, punk, r&b, rollerblading, snowboarding, strangers, summer, swimming, tans, tv, vacation
Friends:76: addme, addmetoo, azndragon453267, a_make0verr, babipink16, bigxred, blurp_ed, brownicake, cherry_kishez, cr0oked_smile, dayydream, design_wonder, ellebelle16, emiilyy, graphic__wh0re, halfcrazyfool, ic0narific, jbabie69, kah_fuh_leen, kaiity, kelky, ker0sene, kiss_me_crazy, korn_freak, l0veme, lalaalyssa, layouts_n_more, lay_me_out, lilbucc, luvin31, luvless, mathison22, moistened, musicgoddess05, myselfoverme, newfriends, nympho_, party_angel_05, promiscuously, quizzrz, rawrlicious, samm, sexual_favors, shortyxo, sinisterwarrior, smokey, snowboardgirl, soccerxbacon, special1feryoo, spectral__, steverockah, sunkisn, sunkistbabie, terrible___lie, thetypicalwhore, truelyurangel82, unique_lay0uts, valo9, volleyoccer2006, waistedxtears, wanna_be_friend, weedaholic, we_mak3_layoutz, workthatskirt, x0kisses0x, xblendsbaby, xjustifiedx, xmelissa, xxfogetmehnotxx, xxthexusedxx, x_advice, x_cherriez, x_qirlfriend, _chelsz, _d0rkkiie, _ilovebobby_
Friend of:28: babipink16, blurp_ed, cr0oked_smile, ellebelle16, halfcrazyfool, kaiity, kelky, kiss_me_crazy, korn_freak, l0veme, lilbucc, mathison22, moistened, samm, sinisterwarrior, smokey, snowboardgirl, soccerxbacon, steverockah, sugar_craz3d, sunkisn, sunkistbabie, valo9, volleyoccer2006, x0kisses0x, xjustifiedx, _chelsz, _ilovebobby_
Member of:8: a_make0verr, design_wonder, lay_me_out, newfriends, quizzrz, spectral__, wanna_be_friend, xblendsbaby
Account type:Early Adopter

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