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Below is user information for ShaR. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:babee_tearz_xo (634647)
Location:pbdy, Massachusetts, United States
AOL IM:BabeExKisZeSz oO (Add Buddy, Send Message)

The Chick

Shareen [shar` e'en] ; happy , optimistic , crazy `[for further reference look at the word fabulous beautiful and amazing =) ] / pink . 13 . Oct 6 . Libra . Portuguese . 8th Grade . Massachusetts . Higgins Middle School . Cheerleader . sftball . dancer . boys . music . jagged edge . jessica simpson . britney spears . kelis \\ Bad habitz bite my nails once they grow // chew muh pen caps // stare at homeowrk for hours and dnt do it // talk to loud .. well .everywhere // cry in almost every movie i see // am the last one to sleep at slumber parties // tooo generous // fight with my parents =(( // laugh to much // buRp lyk a guy =ox \\ ambitions meet a celebirty // make a difference in the world // go to college and become something // conquerr my fears // to accept myself // to help [a] poor [person] people // not get into any trouble for one week // stay up for 24 hourz straight \\ deathday Welp...never thought i'd see the day when i say..IM GONNA DIE!! AHHH!!! hehe j/p but accoring to deathclock im gonna die on Saturday, August 27, 2069 in... 2,037,358,510 right back...I gotta pick out my long BLACK dress...

mUh bOo .. xO

steve . <3 deC .o2 .. it hazn`t been the lOng but i love you so fucking unbelievably much // your muh everything . . . your always there for me your lyk my best friend . . . // * i could call u at one in the morning crying my eyes out and you'd be there for me =)) <3 // * i lOove u so much i cant say that enough !! xOox

Stalk me yu no u wana

aim; Babeexkiszesz oO // seXxi xXx SharZ
phOne; aSk me if u want =)~

LayOut Creditz

ver. unO lOrd take thiz pain frOm me ; by me

Special Thx

cOpy write Babee_tearz_xo products © o3-o4
thx maNda foa the info codes =)~
Interests:36: actinq, aim, basketball, blurty, boyzz, cheerleadinq, chillenn, clothes, dance, friendz, hair, iconz, jewelry, julio caesar morales, kelis, kick-boxing, kissinq, lacrosse, layouts, make-up, mall, modelinq, moviez, music, phone, poems, poemz, quotez, shopping, sinqinq, teevee, walking, webdesigning, webpages, working out, writing
Friends:9: babee_tearz_xo, enticinq_m0ansz, hella_quotes, kissme143x0, luvforever, obsessi0nz, sexxxibabi4u2nv, shadiiz_babii, _brokenxdreamz_
Friend of:4: babee_tearz_xo, kissme143x0, sexxxibabi4u2nv, shadiiz_babii
Member of:5: blinkie_land, claim_a_hottie, hella_quotes, thugmamiiz, wanna_be_friend
Account type:Free User

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