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User:ba_rack (49208)
Website:my other Journal
Location:Secaucus, New Jersey, United States
AOL IM:Iamyourstalker88 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:Sheepbaaa88 (Add User, Send Message)
MSN Username:Sheepbaaa88
Bio:I will tell you this straight out...I fucking hate you...

"I hold up my hands
I stare
And they are clean, untainted by the world
All I can do is sit and think
Think of what I could have changed
"Why, oh why", I ask the sky
In return all I hear is thunder
Blinded by my light, my day
Guided by my faith through the garden
Bless me while I make my stand
Watching, waiting for the storm
Comfort cannot compensate
Nothing could replace your arms
One sigh away from going mad
Reason hanging by a thread
Scrawled on the wall in tears and blood, these will be my final words

No tears
No sorrow
I’ll wait for tomorrow

I gave everything I had
I gave everything I did not
All this time
All that time
This is not the way it was
Faceless figures in the dark gesture me to join their cause
I stand by what I believe even though I know the reality
Drain me of the dreams I’ve earned
Strip me of the pain
Make me one again
Find another way to breathe
I no longer give you consent
Lay the noose around my neck
Tie me to the stars above
Scrawled on the wall in tears and blood, these will be my final words

No tears
No sorrow
I’ll wait for tomorrow

Here on this day
It begins
Pure innocence
Gone with doubt
Hold my flight up above
Cry your name to the wind

Wind my mind back to where I began
Try to accept my role in this game

I’ll wait here for my time
I lived a lie and it made me one
I felt complete
I felt whole
I take it back, as I

Fall to my knees and reach for the sky

Take my eyes and make me one with the night
Use my fears to make this slow
Take my life and tell me who I should be
Pray I cannot call this home

Take me alive to your hive
Vacate your throne as I die
Rain for days
Melt away
Bring me down
Bring me home

Have you come to wash my sins away
This, I wonder
You’ve turned blackest night to crystal
Yet, I wonder
Granted, every day I am dying
Still, I wonder
Why have you relinquished your life
This, I wonder
Nothing seems the same now that you are gone
I’ll wait, I’ll wait
For my star to fall with your name engraved
I’ll wait, I’ll wait
Still, I know the truth and what lies within
Wake up, please wake up
This is killing me and all that I am
Wake up, please wake up
What else do I have? What else do I want?
I’ll wait, I’ll wait
I won’t see the world like I did before
I’ll wait, I’ll wait
Day by day, I live, while I wait to die
Wake up, please wake up
Nothing seems the same now that you are gone
Wake up, please wake up and make it stop

I hold up my hands
I stare
And they are broken beyond all repair
All I can do is sit and think
Wondering how much more I’ll sink
"Why, oh why", I ask the sky
Silence is its sole reply
Blinded by my light, my day
Light that once led my way
Bless me while I make my stand
Fighting for this cursed land
Comfort cannot compensate
I have not yet begun to hate
One sigh away from going mad
Now I am one short of what I once had
How could I, in all my time, destroy something so divine

Breathe in the sky
Bleed out the night
Breathe sky just to bleed night; I can’t breathe

I hold up my hands
I stare
And they are broken beyond all repair
The sun, the moon, the earth, and the rain
All you ever gave was pain

Without you, I am damned

-Divinity Destroyed
Memories:1 entry
Interests:141: 40 below summer, a perfect circle, alkaline trio, anathema, ancient, apoptygma berzerk, assemblage 23, atreyu, bella morte, beyond the embrace, beyond the flesh, bible burning, black metal, black sabbath, blind hate experiment, blue icing, boobs, cannibal corpse, chaos opera, christian death, christian satanic rock!!!!, cky, computers, cradle of filth, cruxshadows, dark funeral, death metal, deftones, dementia, dimmu borgir, disinterment, divinity, divinity destroyed, down, downside, dream theater, ecw, emperor, evanescence, fear cult, fear factory, fhqwhgads, fire, fireworks, forest of shadows, funker vogt, gg allin, god forbid, godhead,, gothic metal, green day, gwar, hammerfall, hatebreed, him,, homsar, i.d.k., ice cream!!!!!!, iced earth, in flames, informatik, inkubus sukkubus, invader zim, iron maiden, jack off jill, jimmy eat world, katatonia, killswitch engage, king diamond, kompressor, lacuna coil, lamb of god, lesbians, leviathan, lifeguarding, lots of krap, luminary, marilyn manson, megadeth, meshuggah, metal, midnight syndicate, minibosses, misfits, moonspell, morgoth, mudvayne, new jack, nine inch nails, nude pics, old korn, old metallica, opeth, opie & anthony, oral sex, orgy, pantera, peter murphy, porn, product of you, punk, rammstein, ramones, rescue 201, rotting christ, rubber johnny, s.o.d, satyricon, sex, shadows fall, six feet under, skinny puppy, slayer, soda, south park, sponge bob square pants, static-x, strongbad, stuff, suicide commando, superjoint ritual, swimming, swords, system of a down, the cheat, the cure, the haunted, the mercy cage, theatre of tragedy, things, thorns of the carrion, tiamat, tool, trogdor the burninator, type o negative, vnv nation, web design, wumpscut, zao.
Friends:34: alexis3002, another_defect, ash666, babydoll1025, blamhoney, chrisrules895, clumsykris2005, deathrockghoul, devilzangel, eatmyfoot, evita, gothnudes, imhere2talkshit, jennahalloween, love_cat, nightmustfall, nwap, pharmaecopia, prostheticcryst, razorotik, rosered44, sarskids, sayusmlil1604, scatmanhewy, sharkattack, sinnibite, stalkingshadow, suckmyforkslut, themisfits, xtrememadman, xxsoadchickaxx, xxxunwantedxxx, x_carrymeaway_x, yo_rockmysocks
Friend of:20: alexis3002, another_defect, ash666, clumsykris2005, deathrockghoul, evita, imhere2talkshit, love_cat, pharmaecopia, prostheticcryst, sarskids, scatmanhewy, sharkattack, sinnibite, stalkingshadow, themisfits, twistedlilstar, xtrememadman, xxsoadchickaxx, xxxunwantedxxx
Member of:1: nwap
Account type:Early Adopter

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