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User:b_infatuated (109176)  
BasicsMy names Brittany im 15 im a freshman in highschool. Some people call me brit. i have short reddish hair with copper highlights, that usually wear really cute. Im 5'2, pretty short. I like to look nice when im going out,but i also like to be cool with myself and all, so i wear what im comfortable wearing.

PersonalityIm a very nice person, and if you have problems im a wonderful listener, i love helping people with any topic. I have the tendency to get quite emotional, but i usually like to focus on the positive things, cause theres no point in living life unhappy. i have been depressed before, so i know what its like, im prepared to do anything that will keep me from ending up that way again.My friends are the most important thing to me and i love them.and i will place nothing above them, when it comes down to my friends, i'll do anything for them..

JournalI love writing and updating but i dont make my journal my whole life i update as often as i can which is usually everyday,but sometimes i just get caught up in something and dont get a chance to. so if you want to add me as a friend please do so and add a comment cause i always add people back if they add me.But if you add, please update, and comment;D Im making this journal friends only cause i like to know whose reading about my life, but im not picky about friends..<3

LikesI like shopping, and and and getting ready to go out. i like boys that show affection, and love, they dont necessarily have to be hot, because i prefer cute boys, their personalities are usually better.I like little imperfections in people..

DislikesI hate bitchy people. I dont like girls that think theyre better then other people, and they make it obvious by the way they act. I dont like when people argue over petty things. I really dislike when girls fight over boys, because thats just ridiculas.

other ways of findin meAim: brighteyes2019. Email:

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Interests:60: abercrombie, aero, affection, beautiful hands, blue eyes, bubble baths, challenges, chillin, cockiness, confidence, cuddling, depth, determination, eye contact, gap, good personalities, good taste in music, hearing i love you, holding hands, honesty, hot chocolate, individuality, intelligence, late nite phone calls, little inperfections, little kisses, long hugs, make up, making out, me, messy hair, money, movies, music, my friends, mystery, neck kisses, nice style, opinionated, perfume, photography, piercings, play fighting, red, road trips, rocking out, roses, sarcasm, saving silverman, shoes, shopping, showers, sophistication, spending time with him, style, summer, tall boys, the last kiss, the mall, unique
Friends:14: abina, ad0rkable3, blueskyez, emotionxcore, lady_lis, nawtie, ravenseyecandi, sexual_favors, shootinq_starz, starting, xobeachbunnyox, xx_addicted_xx, x_tease_x, _____punkster
Friend of:4: emotionxcore, xobeachbunnyox, x_tease_x, _____punkster
Account type:Early Adopter

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