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Below is user information for sn0opy <3 shaney boy. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:b0otyful_babez (669900)
Name:sn0opy <3 shaney boy
Location:t0ms rivEr, New Jersey, United States
AOL IM:xox sn0opy xox (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio: do you believe me when i tell you ..

i am alexa.
i am a qurl.
i am 13.
i am a brown`eyed qurl.
i am italian.
i am in love with shane.
i am obsessed with ryan sheckler.
i am a beachh babe <3
i am in 706c.
i am in 7th qrade.
i am ejucated at TRiW*
i am always down on my self.

... your tha 0 N E im loving ?
Interests:137: 50 cent, acting crazy, american eagle, aol, ashton kutcher, bam margera, beach, being a dork, being stupid, best friends, blink 182, bright colors, butterflies in the tummy, carson daily, cassidy, cellular phone, cheese, cherries, chingy, chocolate milk, coach, coca-cola, colored socks, computer, cool people, crayola crayons, cute kids, dancing, delias, dmx, ducks, duh, eminem, everything bagels, evil clowns, eyeliner, finding nemo, fo0d, freaky friday, fridays, friends, fuck you, g unit, getting what i want, girltalk, good feelings, good times, guys, hanging out, hapiness, having fun, henna tatoos, holding hands, hot pink, hot surfers, hugs, icons, italian food, italians, j-kwon, jamaica, jamaican music, jason biggs, kayne west, kissing, laughing, lil bow wow, long car rides, long talks, long walks, louis vuitton, love, loving life, ludacris, mah dorky friends, mascara, missy elliot, money, mtv, murphy lee, music videos, new jersey, nice eyes, nick lachey, no homework, no school, parties, people who love me, pimp my ride, pina coladas, pineapple, pink paper, playboy, puppies, r kelly, rainbows, roller coasters, scary movies, sean paul, sex and the city, sexy guys, shiny things, shooting stars, skateboarders, skirts, sleepovers, smiles, smiley faces, smiling, sneakers, sparkles, spider man, starbucks, staying up all night, striped socks, stripes, stuff, summer, sweet boys, taking back sunday, tall guys, tennis, that 70s show, the boardwalk, the jersey shore, the mall, tigger, tinkerbelle, turtles, viva la bam, water parks, weekends, william hung, winter, yankees, yellowcard, your mom
Friends:2: blurtylayouts, lay0uts_
Account type:Free User

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